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Pokemon DAVD Edition

Name: Pokemon DAVD Edition
Remake by: Шахтар, Faillaci inc.
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Source – credit: http://www.pokemonhacking.it/showthread.php?tid=4293
You will be a character called David, a very special guy because he is very funny, but he knows when to be smart. Tifa Barcelona and always wears the official shirt of Lionel Messi. Davide is characterized for being one who always responds when he feels he has to do it, especially to defend himself. The story begins with the beginning of summer, when Davide will get, thanks to the studio, the first Pokémon from the school.

Subsequently the adventure will give many surprises, there will be absurd and comic scenes as there will be serious scenes inherent to the purpose of the evil Team.
The initial objective of the protagonist is the classic one, that is to beat the League of the region and become the champion. But the goal begins to fall in importance with the passage of time, because the evil team will make itself felt to the detriment of the protagonist.
In fact, the Team is commanded by the professors of the school, especially the head of the Team, fed up (in reality it is a female) to see so much ignorance in the world. He will try to radicalize humanity by keeping only the most intelligent people, transforming the other humans who according to them do not deserve an intellect, into Pokémon like Slowpoke. For this reason, he defines his a revolutionary movement that will shed light on ignorance, giving the Team the name of Team Albore.
The big problem is that there are people our protagonist holds, and when he finds out that they are involved in the “reduction of ignorance” he will do everything to try to save them, even if he knows they are not very intelligent.
So the ultimate goal will be to defeat your professors, who will also do everything to stop you, since they know you, and historically you don’t get along. Especially with the founder of the team, who hates the fact that the protagonist, despite being intelligent, always chooses the side of ignorant friends.

New maps (all)
New scripts, and therefore not the usual stuff. (All)
Fakemon strange, like Borussia Dortmund …
Removed initial intro, fixed name always thanks to eMMe.
Ipatix Audio High Quality routine.
Routine to color favorable / unfavorable natures.
Special physical subdivision as in the fourth generation.



Download Pokemon DAVD Edition Beta 2.2 (Beta)

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Download Pokemon DAVD Edition Beta 2.2 CIA (Beta)

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