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Pokemon Bonfire Stories

Pokemon Bonfire Stories
Nimi: Pokemon Bonfire Stories
Created by: Aki
Source link/Author’s Website: https://reliccastle.com/threads/18/
So in this game. Maybe you will like it because this game has 4 stories ingame. You can choose the story and play. No Need to choose starters or anything. I think it’s a good idea. About Mega Evolution or Z-move. hmm I think no, this game doesn’t have it. But i can rate it’s good with storyline and graphics. Hmm Anyway, It’s completed but i actullay found a bug and i will show it in the end of this video.

Four original stories to play though!​
Play the stories in any order you choose!​
Multiple protagonists to play with!​
TMs to collect in use in other stories!​
No need to choose starters or grind through any early game annoyances. Jump into the lives of established trainers!​
Dev feature: The files are open for you to look at and mess around with, and I encourage you to create your own stories if you’re interested​

Pokemon Bonfire Stories

Download Pokemon Bonfire Stories (Completed)

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