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Nimi: Temtem
Created by: Crena
Source link/Author’s Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cremagames/temtem-massively-multiplayer-creature-collection-a

Today, we will play Temtem. It’s MMO Game and you can play on Windows now. Remember it’s Paid to play and you can’t play freely. Anyway, Let’s review something.

Ok Ok, Maybe a lot of people will complain about why we can’t play it freely. Hmm So sorry, I can’t help you more. So maybe more one knows about this game. It’s inspired by Pokemon. So you can catch the monster, Temtem is a monster in this game, and hold it in the card. It’s similar when you play Pokemon, You can choose the starters and let’s go. Catching and collecting everything you want. Anyway, The big feature in this game is Graphics. It’s 3D-Style. You can customize you r character, so I think the character is similar to Splatoon’s Characters… Hmm, It just looks like. Hmm yeah, maybe that’s enough because I don’t spend more time to test and play it because it’s just alpha now. So now, It costs over 34$ and you can check on steam and buy on discord.


You can buy alpha version at: https://discordapp.com/store/skus/558547388583772201/temtem-preorder-alpha-access

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