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Pokemon Pulsar

Pokemon Pulsar
Name: Pokemon Pulsar
Hacked/Remaked by: Jashin
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source link/Author’s Website: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=421565
So in this game, You can have 21 Starter up to Gen 7 when you start. Yeah, :)) I think some people will like it. So this game will have 69 new attacks from gen 4 to gen 7. Physical and Special Split with New Region is Durhanmo. New Storyline and you can have new items such as dusk stone, dawn stone, shiny stone or link stone. Some Pokemon have changed the type such as Yanma with Bug and Dragon :))) ??? wtf, I don’t think Yanma is Dragon but hmm… Ok, The author likes it. And more and more features in this game.

Features include:
Expanded Pokedex (Currently Featuring: 84 Pokemon from gens 4-7)
Expanded AttackDex (69 attacks from gens 4-7)
Pick Pocketing System
Physical + Special Split
Custom Attack Animations (Some, I’ve made myself, others from resource thread)
Custom Levelup Movesets for ALL Pokemon
Custom World Map
Custom Region: DURHANMO
21 Starter options (starters from gens 1-7)
Infinite use TMs and deletable HMs
“Evil Team”: Jashinists
Class Based Trainer Music (currently for Jashin disciples and Jashinist Admin)
Certain Pokemon have been retyped (Yanma= Bug Dragon) Movesets reflect this
Custom Badge Sprites
Custom Battle hud, text boxes and “help” menu pallets
No Toxic Damage in overworld
HMs do not require badges
Dusk stone, Dawn stone, Shiny stone added
Trade Pokemon can be evolved with Link Stone
Expanded Pallets + Overworld Sprites
..And much more!

CIA Version is for Nintendo 3DS Hacked. You should remember!

Pokemon Pulsar

Download Pokemon Pulsar Version Phase 2 (Beta)

–CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Hacked below–

Download Pokemon Pulsar Version Phase 2 CIA (Beta)

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