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Pokemon PRO

Pokemon PRO
Name: Pokemon PRO
Created by: yveltalchannel
Source link/Author’s Website: https://whackahack.com/foro/t-55315/pokemon-pro-act-03-02-2019-beta-1-disponible
Ok ok, in this game, We can have Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 7 with New System Evolution. New System Evolution, Yeah, it’s Pokemon Pro, it’s similar to Pokemon Mega Evolution but this game has Mega Evolution. You can have Dark Pokemon and more and more about Pokemon. Now, you can see this game has good Graphics, you can see, right? With Characters, New Overworlds, backpack, Pokedex and Menu. So It’s Good. But I think it’s actually has a few bugs because I made this video on beta 1.

Hmm, You can see I can run so so fast indoor but so so lag outdoor. I don’t know why and I don’t It’s a problem from PC requirements. The next, You can’t see the name of moves when you have a battle and you can’t see the LV. Well, I think it’s a Feature but we can’t see the moves, It’s crazy and I think it’s a bug. So That’s all bugs I can see easily. Anyway, It’s Good and it’s Spanish. If you like a PC Game and you can know a little about Spanish, so this game is for you!

Pokémon from 1st to 7th generation.
New pokémon
New types
Gym leaders supplemented by the Sages, offering more difficulty and different tests.
New menu
Images of the influential characters in dialogues.
Soundtrack of the game made from 0, except some modified ones.
Pokemon icons replaced.
New system to change form (For pokémon PRO).
New mega evolutions, like regional forms of pokémon.
Dark Pokémon.
Pokémon with improved forms. (Pokémon PRO)
Medals, overworlds, some tileset, etc. Created from 0.
Pokémon companions of all the generations, including the new one of the game.
Graphics, such as pokedex, backpack, equipment, etc.

Pokemon PRO

Download Pokemon PRO Beta 1 (Beta)

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