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Pokemon Emerald Mystery Magikarp Edition

Pokemon Emerald Mystery Magikarp Edition
Nimi: Pokemon Emerald Mystery Magikarp Edition
Created by: scottishnotscotch
Source link/Author’s Website: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=368104
Hmm yeah, maybe you can know about this game. So You can see Magikarp everywhere in this game. So welcome back to Magikarp’s world. Every Pokemon is Magikarp and you can’t know who that pokemon was. You must be capture and you can check the type and something. Well well well, :))) It’s Crazy and so so hard because you don’t know more about The Rival’s Pokemon. That’s all. And this game is completed. I hope you have fun. :))) Yup, Have fun with this game.

Every Pokemon has Magikarp’s sprites
Every Pokemon has Magikarp’s Pokedex entry
Every Pokemon is named Magikarp
Messed up sprite animations because I got lazy and only inserted one frame of Magikarp
Interesting graphical glitches/deformed Magikarp
Things He did not change:
Pokemon cries and Pokedex numbers, both of which make it perfectly possible, easy even, to figure out which Pokemon you have and/or are facing if you’re enough of a Pokemaniac.
Overworld sprites. Sorry, no Magikarp helping you move into your new home, or chasing Prof Birch.
The Pokemon are not Magikarp. They still have the stats and moves unique to their species, they just all look the same.

Pokemon Emerald Mystery Magikarp Edition

Download Pokemon Emerald Mystery Magikarp Edition (Completed)

—Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Hacked below—

Download Pokemon Emerald Mystery Magikarp Edition CIA (Completed)

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