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Pokemon Apocrypha

Pokemon Apocrypha
Name: Pokemon Apocrypha
Created by: Bowlstir
Source link/Author’s Website: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=419252
Ok, in this game, you can have Gen 2 Graphics with 21 Starter Pokemon. So Do you know some pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver Demo? hmm Yeah, It’s included in this game. You can have a new region is DJoser with a new storyline and more and more in this game. So why I try to play this game? hmm lol, because this game has Gen 2 Graphics so I played.

You are a brand-new Junior Research Assistant in the region of DJoser which is just north of Johto. The time period is just a few months after the events of Pokemon GSC. You applied to become one of the first teams to explore this area for new and exciting Pokemon! With the new Pokemon League ahead, you set out on an adventure to kill two birds with one stone; It’s time to become a Pokemon Master by completing the Pokedex and taking down the Djoser Pokemon League!

Unique Features:
New Region with GSC Visuals
Gold/Silver Beta Pokemon
21 Starter Pokemon
Relic Item Secret Items

Progress Report:
(2/8) Badges 2-3 Hours of Gameplay

Pokemon Apocrypha

Download Pokemon Apocrypha Beta 2 (Beta)

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