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Pokemon Stadium Kaizo

Pokemon Stadium Kaizo
Name: Pokemon Stadium Kaizo
Hacked/Remaked by: SinisterHoodedFigure
Based on: Pokemon Stadium
Source link/Author’s Website: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=406142
Today, maybe it’s the first time I play a Nintendo 64 Hack Rom. Yeah, It’s based on Pokemon Stadium. It’s Pokemon Stadium Kaizo by SinisterHoodedFigure. Let’s Go boy… :)))) let’s play….. and Review.

So in this game… hmm maybe you can know Pokemon Stadium right? hmm, I think you can know :))) it’s my childhood yeah… So when I stream Pokken Tournament DX on my Nintendo Switch.. maybe some people ask: Hey, we can have Pokemon Stadium Hack Rom… :))) hmm and I remember.. yeah, you have and let’s see. In this game, you can have some features such as Vastly improved Rental Pokemon, hmmm :)) maybe stronger pokemon, all Pokemon can be registered in the Hall of Fame, :))) Enemy Trainers are stronger… :))) I mean harder… and maybe more and more :))) I think…

So I so like this game. I can choose more pokemon but it actually has a bug. This game has 2 versions. With version R3R4, I actually patched but I can’t run it on Project 64 or any emulator… So with Friendly Easy Mode, I can run it on Project 64 and working perfectly.

Vastly Improved Rental PokémonB2W2 Soundtrack
All Pokémon can be registered in the Hall of Fame
Enemy Trainers are SIGNIFICANTLY HARDER than the Original Pokémon Stadium
a. Beat R2 Mewtwo
b. Surfing Pikachu challenge
c. Rental Only run
d. Get all 151 Pokemon in Hall of Fame
e. Secret achievement (This is mostly in regards to those who use the transfer pack, I’ll mention you achieved it as long as you AVOID using certain moves. I won’t reveal which, but thankfully it is extremely few.
f. No continue Run (Pocket Monsters Stadium challenge: Go through a tournament cup without losing AT ALL.) Good luck with this one if you are really bold. Because “Nuzlockable” this game is not.
g. Assist people in getting Pokémon Stadium Kaizo to run.
(This is a nice gesture to other people, and I will credit you most on this, especially the first one. Emulators can be finicky things, so make sure to list specific ones, because this rom might have trouble working on emulators without changing emulator settings. I’m still new to that aspect myself)

Friend Easy Mode:
No RDB nonsense, but He was extremely hesitant due to an exploit in the original Pokémon Stadium.

Pokemon Stadium Kaizo

Download Pokemon Stadium Kaizo Friend Easy Mode
Download Pokemon Stadium Kaizo R3R4 (It can’t work with Project 64)

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