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Pokemon Space Blue

Pokemon Space Blue
Nimi: Pokemon Space Blue
Hacked/Remaked by: ayxelsid
Perustuen: Pokemon Blue
Source link/Author’s Website: https://hax.iimarckus.org/topic/7592/
So today, I will play a new game, maybe everyday.. lol :)) ok, today, I will play Pokemon Spaceworld Red and Blue by ayxelsid. If you have Pokemon Gold and Silver Demo Version and you like that game. So you will like this game, It’s similar to Pokemon Gold and Silver Demo but it’s based on Pokemon Red and Blue. Here we go, Let’s play and review.

Ok, In this game, maybe you can have a new intro… :))) new.. I think no but it has a little different. And you are not Red or Blue, You are Gold and Silver. The Starter is Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver Demo such as Chikorita, Honoguma, Kurusu. So about Pokemon, This game has 251 Pokemon :)))) and it’s similar to Pokemon Red and Blue with new events. Ok, let’s see, about new evolution item, so you can have poison stone, heart stone, metal coat, dragon scale and Up-Grade.

New something such as… hmm when you use surf, maybe surf sprites is Pikachu or Lapras. Trainers and Gym Leader are stronger, I think .. hmm no I believe it’s stronger.

Updated intro battle with animation sprites from Crystal
Play as Ethan with rival Silver. Silver maintains his trainer parties from G/S and Gym leaders have same trainer parties from G/S with adjusted evolutions and levels.
All 251 Pokemon from the space world demo.
Shiny Pokemon
Blue Version uses Gold Pokedex entries and Yellow trainer sprites.
New evolution items: Poison Stone, Heart Stone, Metal Coat, Kings Rock, Dragon Scale & Up Grade
Instead of replacing trainer sprites, all trainer sprites are used to give the game more variation. Some new trainer classes have been added, more in the future.
Pokecenters have different nurses, Slowbro NPCs replaced with correct overworld sprites where available
Pikachu and Lapras have their own Surf sprites
Stuff from Yellow
Stuff from G/S
Updating gyms to include trainers from both R/B and G/S

CIA Version is for Nintendo 3DS!

Pokemon Space Blue

Download Pokemon Space Blue v1.0 (Beta)
Download Pokemon Space Blue v1.0 CIA (Beta)

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