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Pokemon Castaway

Pokemon Castaway
Nimi: Pokemon Castaway
Created/Made by: Michael and Ekat
Source link/Author’s Website: https://reliccastle.com/threads/1723/
So in this game, maybe you can have more and more features. Yeah, it actually has a lot of different from other fanmade game. You have a new intro when you choose the character. With the new storyline, yeah.. maybe you can have a trip to Alola… well well… Don’t try to have a battle with Gym Leader or anything because this game doesn’t have gym leader. In your Alolan vacation, the plane is struck down. :))) So dangerous but you are alive … wow… SO lucky boy. The now, The journey is beginning.

Welcome to Pokémon Castaway! The player is the (not-so) fortunate winner of a trip to Alola. On the flight there, however, the plane is struck down. Landing on the mysterious Bermada Island, the player is tasked with exploring their environment while searching for fellow survivors and a way off of the island. As the player traverses further inland, it becomes evident that the island is anything but deserted. Will the player find a way off the island? And, more importantly, will they get to go on an Alolan vacation?

Pokémon from across all seven generations
Extra secrets and minibosses to unlock
Roughly four to six hours of gameplay
Plenty of puzzles and challenges throughout
HM moves are usable on the field by the player themselves
Healing and storage access from Campfires due to lack of infrastructure
Not Pokemon Battle Royale
Creative and witty dialogue across different npcs
and so much more!

Pokemon Castaway

Download Pokemon Castaway V2.1 (Completed)

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