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Pokemon Arena

Pokemon Arena
Nimi: Pokemon Arena
Hacked/Remaked by: JuiceTin13
Perustuen: Pokemon Stadium
Source link/Author’s Website: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/38491-pokemon-arena-pokemon-stadium-hack/
So… Today, we will play maybe an N64 Hack Rom. It’s Pokemon Arena and based on Pokemon Stadium by JuiceTin13. :))) Let’s go boy… maybe it’s second N64 Hack Rom I review…

Ok, in this game, hmm maybe you can easily see all trainers have new pokemon… :)))) maybe i think it’s different from Orginal Rom. Haha :)) Your Rivals Pokemon have IV and EV, Don’t have One Hit KO in this game, Something about the type such as Ghost-type is 2x stronger than Psychic, Ice-type is 0.5 weaker than Fire. Stronger Opponent Pokemon in the Final Battle… :))) hmm maybe I’m not sure…. haha

So It’s completed when I made this video. So if you want to read more information about this game, you can check on my post and on the source link ok.

Features :

1) All Trainers have different Pokemon !
2) Trainer Pokemon have different IV’s & EV’s
3) Trainer Pokemon have different Move and Levels
4) No useless Pokemon or Move will be in the game

5) Type Changes :
i) Ghost Types are 2 times stronger than Psychic
ii) Ice Types are 0.5 times stronger than Fire
iii) Bug Types are 0.5 times stronger than Poison

6) Rental Pokemon have different Moveset
7) Gambler Class don’t ( almost ) have lucky moves ( i.e, Metronome & other moves )
8) All One-Hit KO’s are Removed ( almost )
9) No Evasion Moves or Dragon Rage for all Pokemon
10) Much Harder Battles
11) Stronger Opponent Pokemon in the Finals

Pokemon Arena

Download Pokemon Arena Completed

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