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Banette and Guilmon

Banette and Guilmon
Name: Banette and Guilmon
Created/Made by: SmokedPaprika
Source link/Author’s Website: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=414149
Today, We will play a special game, it’s a visual novel game. So it’s fanmade game for PC by SmokedPaprika. I so like it. It’s very very good. Let’s Review boy.

In this game. .hmm, it’s similar a movie, hmm maybe you can open and read visual novel. The storyline is Guildmon, a Digimon, is living at an apartment with a Pokemon, Banette… hmm more and more… so hard to make a friend with other Pokemon… :v Hi hi… Ok, I don’t want to say anymore because I want you to watch it. Hmm if you want to know more… let’s check the description or my post ok. Hmm It’s actually completed version

Something from the Game:
A visual novel/movie about a Guilmon who’s been living in a modern version of the Pokemon World ever since he walked through a mysterious portal six years prior. Living at an apartment with a reclusive and distant Banette, Guilmon often feels unappreciated and unwanted.

Having a hard time making friends with many other Pokemon, he struggles to find a place in the world. However, a few days after they start to get filmed by a documentarian, the relationship between Banette and Guilmon begins to fall apart.


There are three scenes in the game that are intended to be synced to music. If you click out of the screen during these scenes, the scene will be out of sync and pretty dang wonky. He doesn’t think there’s any way to deal with this, so He’ll just tell you which scenes He is talking about.
The prologue.
The beginning of scene 6.
The credits sequence.

Banette and Guilmon

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