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Pokemon Shinning Emerald

Pokemon Shinning Emerald
Name: Pokemon Shinning Emerald
Remake/Hacked by: R.Salas
Based on: Pokemon Emerald
Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=419845
It’s GBA Rom and based on Pokemon Emerald by R.Salas. So the game for today is Pokemon Shinning Emerald.

It’s just Feature hack and some changes in game. Hmm, You can have new starters such as: Bagon, Dragini and Larvitar. 386 Pokemon are available in this game and you can catch all. hmmm :))) That’s all…. hmmm not way…. i think the game is harder and we can evolve all trade pokemon ingame. :))) the author provided Pokemon location and evolution :)))) i think you should read the documentation before you play. I gave it in the file when you download at my page!

So maybe a question? it’s completed right???? hmm, because it’s feature hack so it’s fully completed with emerald storyline ok… :))))) And now, ok, let’s play this game. It’s a first hack rom from R.Salas.. hmm maybe it has some bugs or not :))) but i think we should encourage him!

All 386 Pokémons from the first 3 generations are located on the map and can be captured, including starters.
The game is a little bit harder in order to challenge the Trainer;
All Gym leaders have a complete team with 6 pokémons;
Different Starters: Bagon, Dratini and Larvitar.
Movesets and Status have been slightly changed in order to balance the game;
All Pokemon evolve in-game. There’s no need to trade Pokemon’s to evolve anymore;
End the story with your pokemon around level 60~70. This has been changed in order to explore more pokemon moveset, especially pokemon that evolve the late game.

There’s a minor bug in Dewford town where some stones were put in order to facilitate evolving Eevee’s evolutions. The bug does not affect the gameplay at all, but I will fix it as soon as I can. Contact me if you see any other bug and I’ll make the changes.

Cia File is for nintendo 3ds!

Pokemon Shinning Emerald

Download Pokemon Shinning Emerald 04/07/2019 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Shinning Emerald 04/07/2019 Cia (Completed)

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