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Pokemon Dardusk

Pokemon Dardusk
Nimi: Pokemon Dardusk
Remake/Hakkeroitu: Bulbadon
Perustuen: Pokemon Fire Red
Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=372046
We play Pokemon Dardusk by Bulbadon. It’s based on Pokemon Fire Red.

So let’s go, in this game, hmm we have a new storyline. I always support for every game have a new storyline. Zombies, Silver is a main character, New Music, No Gyms, Physical/Special Split in-game, indoor running,… hmmm yeah it’s similar to pokemon snakewood :))) maybe you know that game. It’s a great game if you like zombies… :))) haha.

Ok, Check it out some information about this game. hmmm when I was playing this game, it’s just alpha 0.1 and up to Route 1. It’s released in 2016… a long time but I hope it will be completed soon.

Physical/Special Split.
Only Silver is playable.
Play as Silver.
Some Fakemon. There will mostly be the original Pokémon up to Gen 3.
Indoor running. Most hacks have these, not big of a feature, just felt like putting it up here.
New maps. It will be based on Kanto but a more post-apocalyptic Kanto.
Zombies. Zombie Pokémon and people. Yeah kind of like Pokémon Snakewood
Violence/adult themes. This is not a little kid’s world anymore. There will be curse words in this game.
No gyms. You find your badges randomly around Kanto.
New music. There will be some new music.
Scavenging. Everything won’t be given to you on a silver platter, you have to look for them/earn them.

It’s still very very very short only Pallet Town and Route 1

Cia File is for nintendo 3ds!

Pokemon Dardusk

Download Pokemon Dardusk Alpha 0.1 (Beta)
Download Pokemon Dardusk Alpha 0.1 Cia (Beta)

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