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Pokemon The Corrupted Wishes

Pokemon The Corrupted Wishes
Nimi: Pokemon The Corrupted Wishes
Remake/Hakkeroitu: Fencer
Perustuen: Pokemon Fire Red
Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=419256
In this game, maybe we can have so many features such as, pokemon up to gen 7 with custom Pokedex, update moves and abilities, bw repel system, poison survival, PSS System, Harder mode.. and more and more… yeah about the graphics, I think it’s similar pokemon fire red and maybe pokemon Gaia yeah. about the music, a lot of songs are from pokemon ruby and sapphire. Maybe I’m so so so enjoy hearing the song from pokemon emerald.. haha.

Ok, that’s a big feature in this game is only use 3 Pokemon. Hmm, yup, I don’t read the description and I play. Then, I can’t enter the gym… hmmm why? :))) so I think this game has a bug but NOOOO.. it isn’t a bug. SO you must only have 3 pokemon, no more or no less then you can enter the gym… Oh My GOD :))) ok, it’s a fun feature but it’s a great idea.

– Harder gameplay, the level curve will be based on my indication. Also, you can only use 3 Pokémon.
– No more shouting, the game is 99% decapitalized.
– 1st-7th Generation Pokémon with a custom Pokédex.
– Clean DS-styled sprites.
– Updated mechanics such as BW Repel System, Poison Survival at 1 HP, etc.
– Updated moves and abilities.
– Minor changes to tilesets.
– More features I forgot to mention.

– Roost freezes the game, don’t use that move.
– Grammatical errors. You know, English isn’t my native language.
– If you find more, please report on this thread, or VM me.

Q: Why can’t I get into the Gym?
A: You can get into the Gym with only 3 Pokémon, no more and no less.

Q: When is the next release date?
A: It depends on my free time and motivation. The only thing I can tell is the next release will end at the Fifth Gym battle.

Alpha 2 – Ends at the Third Gym battle.

Cia File is for nintendo 3ds!

Pokemon Advanced

Download Pokemon The Corrupted Wishes (Alpha 2)
Download Pokemon The Corrupted Wishes Cia (Alpha 2)

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