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Pokemon Tagalog

Pokemon Tagalog
Nimi: Pokemon Tagalog
Remake/Hakkeroitu: カスピアン ジョンツェル
Perustuen: Pokemon Ruby
Source: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013353967593
So in this game… what new? I don’t know, I actually don’t know. When I made this video, I was playing beta 4. It’s similar to Pokemon Ruby with a lot of bugs :))) LOL Oh My God, It’s the first time I play a game with more bugs.

But Don’t worry haha, And why I try to play this? hmm maybe it’s just fun. This game changed something about the map and city name. That’s all! I think it’s the first project by the author. hmm, I always support if you want to make a hack rom. If it’s good or fun, I will try to support. LOL

Cia File is for nintendo 3ds!

Pokemon Advanced

Download Pokemon Tagalog (Beta 4)
Download Pokemon Tagalog Cia (Beta 4)

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