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Pokemon Advanced

Pokemon Advanced
Name: Pokemon Advanced
Remake/Hacked by: Deepak Maneshwer
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source: Update later!
So in this game, you can have over 26 features in this game with 1400 pokemon, with some fake mega from and hard level game. I highly rate a hard level in this game. You will start with A pokemon has 15 level but you can meet some pokemon with level over 50 or 70. The Trainer uses more and more strong Pokemon with high level….


About Pokemon, Pokemon up to Gen 8 and you can catch 3 starters from gen 8 but I don’t highly recommend. Why? They can evolve with a fanmade evolution now. Then in this game has Ultra Space, Mewtwo Z or some Mega form for Victini, Lugia or Ho-oh.

So I don’t think it’s a good game. Because it doesn’t have any thing about the map or storyline. Just a Feature hack. Trash! But I highly rate about the hard mode in this game. It’s good.
This game is completed with Fire Red storyline. You can play if you want to play a hard mode with pokemon up to gen 8.


1.New Attacks
2.Fairy Type
3.+1400 Pokemon
4.Pokemon Upto Gen 7 + More
5.5% Chance to get Shiny
6.Critical Update
7.Som:Updated Sprites
8.EV/IV Viewer
9.PSS System
10.The initials are of Kanto, but the initials of Alola are all captureable (all evolutions available).
11.Pokémon from 1st to 8th.
12.BW repellent system.
13.Exhain when capturing a Pokémon.
14.“System of day and night.
15 “Fairy type.”.
16.Exp point on defeating wild pokemon
17.Mega Evolution in Battle
18.Capture EXP system
19.Mega Evolution out battle too!
20.807 pokemons
21.48 mega evolutions forms
22.All lengendaries available
23.Starter’s level increased
24.Hard level game!
25.New legendries mega forms
26.Starter’s New mega forms
27.Primals forms
28.Trade evolution
29.armor evolution (maybe in future with update)

In my rom hack this pokemon has new mega evolution forms –
– Zapdos
– Articuno
– Moltress
– Mew
– Mewtwo
– Ho-oh
– Lugia
– Entei
– Suicune
– Raikou
– Celebi
– Jirachi
– Arceus
– Darkrai
– Victini

Intresting qoutes –
– Gym leader has own legendary pokemon (similar to gym type)


– Elite four has legendaries and their mega forms and dark pokemons (from dark rising series)

Intresting features –
Starter’s mega forms –
– Typhlosion
– Meganium
– Feraligatr
– infernape
– Torterra
– Empoleon
– Serperior
– Emboar
– Samurott
– Chesnaught
– Delphox
– Incineroar
– Decidueye
– Primarina

Primals forms –
– Dialga
– Palkia
– Giratina
– Groudon
– Kygore

Special –
– Dark lugia (xd gale of darkness)
– Shadow lugia
– Darugis
– Blazzard

Gen 8 starter’s evolution –
– Scorbunny
– Grookey
– Sobble

New pokemon mega forms
– raichu
– noivern
– parasect
– porygon
– parasect

Armor evolutions –
– flygon
– zekrom
– charizard
– nidoking
– tyranitar

Ash Greninja –
(Give mega stone and press a button)

New trainer front & back sprite! (With update)

Note : Use Shiny stone for new mega forms and starter’s mega forms!!!

Cia File is for nintendo 3ds!

Pokemon Advanced

Pokemon Advanced – Pokemon Location
Download Pokemon Advanced Version 2 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Advanced Version 2 Cia (Completed)

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