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Digimon Escape from Server Island

Name: Digimon Escape from Server Island
Remake by: Bijhan
Remake from: Pokemon Emerald
Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=418835
So in this game, You will come to Server Island based on Hoenn Region. A lot of Digimon are in this game and you can get. Hmm, New Storyline, hmm I think no, it’s a little similar to Pokemon Emerald but with New Map, Changing about the Map with new Item. So you can Evolve or De-Evolve in this game. It’s so good and similar when you play Digimon Game.

With 164 New Moves and you can have a battle your way across Server Island, you’ll run into many familiar YouTube and Hollywood personalities. So if you actually like Digimon, I think you will like this game. But about the cry, I think it’s incorrect. So sad about it. But it’s good and it’s completed,

A whole new map to explore, filled with all new characters, with unique dialogue, and all-new side missions! Discover new items, puzzle through new mazes, and unfold multiple layers of story and lore…
There are 164 unique Digimon, each with their own Signature Move. Digivolve and De-Digivolve your ‘Mon through a Digivolution Web to add to their move set. Befriend new ‘Mon and complete your Digidex by using rare Evolution Gems to transform your monster into any other monster! Each Digimon has a Tribe, as well as a Type, which you must master and understand in order to exploit with an attack’s Attribute.

Note: Cia Version is a File for Nintendo 3DS Hacked!



Cheat Codes:
Digimon Escape from Server Island Cheat Codes
Download Digimon Escape from Server Island v1.1 (Completed)
Download Digimon Escape from Server Island v1.1 (Completed) – Cia Version

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