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Pokemon The Keepers of Order

Pokemon The Keepers of Order
Name: Pokemon The Keepers of Order
Created by: Alex N
Source – credit: click here!
So in this game, you can have 151 Fakemon with a new Region of Bio Daetera. hmm yeah, You are a trainer in there and the.. maybe you know, Let’s train your Pokemon and save the world. With this game, You can complete with over 6 hours, then you can continue to play with a number of postgame. And more and more features and in Pokemon The Keepers of Order. If you actually like fakemon or fanmade game. I highly recommend you play it. Thanks Alex N for creating this game Again.

Discover 151 entirely new Pokémon endemic to Bio Daetera, a region with modernized cities, rustic towns, flowery plains, and arduous mountains alike.
A short game length (approximately 6 hours, excluding the postgame) enables for a quick playthrough, possibly all in a single sitting.
Higher experience rates mean less time spent level grinding.
A number of postgame sidequests allow for continued adventure even after completing the game.

Pokemon The Keepers of Order

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