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Pokemon Pink

Nimi: Pokemon Pink
Remake by: 80C
Source: click here!
It’s based on Pokemon Blue with Full Color from Gen 2.

So Pokemon Pink with Blue’s Storyline. Yeah, it’s similar to Pokemon Blue but with a different protagonist (prōˈtagənist). Ok, Some people will try to comment, hey don’t have anything about this game, just pokemon blue’s storyline… hmm WAIT… I will say more about this game. You are Kris from Pokemon Crystal and full color from gen 2. You will think you are playing pokemon gold. Hmm but it’s Pokemon Blue. 3 new types are added in this game such as Dark, Steel and Fairy-Type, with new starters: Jigglypuff, Pikachu and Vulpix. Some Unknown Dungeon has been updated in this game, more and more and the big problem is completed game.

Yeah, but I have some problem when I was playing this game. It has some bugs, yeah when you choose a starter, you will face a white screen but you can try to press A and it will be fixed.

This Patch isn’t the official from 80C because … yeah, it’s deleted and I download from a re-share file from dani2191 from Pokecommunity. But So thanks 80C for hacking this game. It’s A great remake game if you play Pokemon Game from GEN 1 or GEN 2.

New Protagonist: Kris from Pokemon Crystal.
The introduction of 3 new types from further generations: Dark, Steel and Fairy-type have been added to the game.
The Type chart weakness/strength has been updated to match 6th generation parameters.
New starters: Jigglypuff, Pikachu and Vulpix.
The Unknown Dungeon has been updated and now it’s identical to Pokemon Yellow.
External tilesets have been updated to Pokemon Yellow.
Palettes were updated as well.
Added extra intro screens.



Download Pokemon Pink v2.1 (Completed)

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