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Pokemon New Emerald

Name: Pokemon New Emerald
Remake by: igorfs10
Source: click here!
It’s Pokemon New Emerald by igorfs10. It’s a Features hack and completed with over 32 Features. Maybe such as All 386 Pokemon, Trade Evolution by Stone, New items, Black/White repel system, PSS System, some change about events, some change about the music, :))) maybe you can have Apple Watch series 4 :))) hmm yeah, come to your bag and get it, you can check map or time… Haha.. Double wild battle.. more and more.

All 386 pokémons obtainable (You can fight against all pokémons in the wild and against trainers)
Trade evolutions was changed to stone
Moves and abilities updated to gen 7 (and some other Egg’s engine things)
Some improvements in battle backgrounds
New items
Some unused songs implemented
Black/White Repel System
Running shoes indoors
Exp. Share gives XP to the party (Use it to enable/disable)
Exp when catching pokémon
Double wild battles on grass and caves
Wild pokémons will hold more items
All pokémon you gain ingame are shiny
Ingame traded pokémons have perfect IV
Mirage Island will appear after elite 4
Events working (Talk to the guy in Lilycove to receive the items and beat elite 4 to access events)
Sometimes legendary pokémons will appear in altering cave
Game will ask to plant a berry after harvesting a berry and ask to water it if you have wailmer pail
The amount of berries you harvest is doubled
Some TMs changed
Reusable TMs
Removable HMs
Lvl 1 eggs
EV/IV viewer (Use Devon Scope)
Pokérus viewer (Use Scanner)(It shows remaining time and if your pokérmon was cured)
Some leaders will inflict status in your pokémons
Pikachu with special moves with swarm
A hidden pokémon with pokérus
Some game bugs fixed and some small changes
Contest Removed
New Sprites
A special flower near Victory Road entrance



Download Pokemon New Emerald Completed – Feb 23th 2019

Posted by Pokemoner.com