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Pokemon HD

Pokemon HD
Nimi: Pokemon HD
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: Canal do Ludo and Estação HD
Source: http://pokemonhd.com.br
It’s based on Pokemon Emerald by Canal do Ludo and Estação HD. You can have 386 Pokemon with some change about Pokemon. You can get more Pokemon such as Ash Greninja, All Ultra Beasts, Mega Evolution and Dark Lugia. hmm and Maybe you can have a New Mega Form for Feraligatr and a New Fakemon. Fairy Type and Fairy Moves in this game.

It’s a Feature hack and it’s actually completed. But it isn’t Full English Game. This game has some dialogues with Portuguese but you can play because of all the information about Pokedex, Moves or Item with English. The Storyline is Emerald.

New Pokemon upto Gen 7 with 386 Pokemon
Mega Evolution out Battle
Fairy Type
Fake Mega Form
New Character
More Hidden Item

Download Pokemon HD 2

Download Pokemon HD v1.2 Completed

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