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Pokemon Absolute Soul Silver

Nimi: Pokemon Absolute Soul Silver – 绝对魂银the end
Remake by: Fevwind
Source: click here!
It’s based on Pokemon Soul Silver. It’s Pokemon Absolute Soul Silver and with Final Version is The End. So It’s a New Completed Game from China. So thanks Fevwind for hacking game. So thank Hoang Minh Khac for sharing this game to me!

In this game, you are Ethan or Lyra. Maybe I always call Gold or Crystal. Yeah, and I don’t actually know everything about this game. But this game doesn’t have Mega Evolution, or maybe newer gen such as Gen 5, 6, 7. And just up to Gen 4. You can have an original storyline with more and more rivals or character from the pokemon world in this game. And the … yeah, maybe you must battle against with Team Rocket, more and more.



Cheat codes:
Pokemon Absolute Soul Silver Cheat Codes
Download Pokemon Absolute Soul Silver – The End (Completed)

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