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Pokemon Sacred Johto

Pokemon Sacred Johto
Nimi: Pokemon Sacred Johto
Created by: ArchyTheArc
Source – credit: click here!
Pokemon Sacred Johto tries to find a balance between a more casual level of difficulty and
at times, a hard difficulty, with key fights being challenging for the best of players, or atleast we aim
for it to be this way.

The team Behind Sacred Johto Is mainly done by ArchyTheArc (Me) but at times we’ve had spriters
and composers helping, but real life issues caused them to move on. However The game has been
mostly constantly developing since early 2017.

Sacred Johto and our team dont make any profit from development or the game. We never intent
to change this in the future.

-A Darker story from Official games, but not Overbaringly Dark.
-interactable items all over the place, the ground on people, on pokemon, everywhere!
-Tie-ins and continuations of Official game stories/characters.
-Following Pokemon
-Type Chart adjustments, Normal typing now is strong against psychic and fairy,
-Turbo mode/button.
-Multiple Saves feature.
-Mystery Gifts.
-Pokemon World Tournament.
-Offline Wondertrade.
-Underground and Mining.
-Overworld is in a gen 4 theme and the battles being a animated gen 5 style.
-Custom and Free-Use-With-Credit tiles and sprites.

Pokemon Changes/additions
-Two different Versions with only some differences.
-Complete dex availability (other than versions) upto gen 6.
-Official and Custom Mega Evolutions.
-Omega pokemon and Delta pokemon, Similiar to Alolan Forms– many added and planned!
-Buff and balances to pokemon! (including typings abilities etc.)
-Armored Pokemon!
Omega/deltas Pokemon and more

Demo 3: upto the first seveii gym!

Pokemon Sacred Johto

Download Pokemon Sacred Johto Demo 3

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