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Pokemon Mega Evolution

Pokemon Mega Evolution
Name: Pokemon Mega Evolution
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Deepak Maneshwer
Source: Update soon!
It’s pokemon mega evolution. It’s based on Pokemon FireRed and it’s completed with more more more features. So you can get All pokemon up to Gen 7, All Mega Evolution, Fairy Type, Physical and Special Split, Black White Repel System, Capture EXP system, you can get all starters very very easy in the wild, a little harder with Z moves, Day Night System, New moves and new abilities and the graphics is updated, …. more and more.

Pokemon from Gen 1 to 7
Mega evolution
Updated graphics
Fairy type
New moves and abilities
New items
Reusable TMs
Forgettable HMs
BW repel system
Poison survival
Hidden grottoes
EV training routes
Day and night system
Physical/Special split
Z – moves!
meltan and memeltan
B/W Repel system
Capture EXP system
starters in wild
all 807 pokemon
More availbale in future with update!

Credits – Gohan , ujjwal , pritam , mahesh , vishal and ducumon.me

Pokemon Mega Evolution

Download Pokemon Mega Evolution V1.0 (Completed)

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