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Pokemon Lightning White

Pokemon Lightning White
Nimi: Pokemon Lightning White
Remake From: Pokemon White
Remake by: Cataboy123​
Source: Click here!
It’s NDS ROM, you can play on everywhere. and the, it’s just Features hack with Black/White’s storyline. You are Shadow Triad and come to the hero. :))) ok, you can have a motorcycle, not a bicycle, with new gym leaders and something. I can say it’s so baddddddddddddddddddddd but it’s fun. IF you like Shadow Triad, you can come back and play again! It’s actually completed with White’s Story. You can play it!

player edit: 90%(only the fishing sprite must be edited)
elemental monkey edit: 100%
motorcycle: 100%
gym leaders, elite 4 & champion: 80%(i need to know how to edit mugshot names and not all overworld sprites are done yet)
title screen: 0%, editing won’t work
motorcycle recieving: 100%
champion fly: 0% need to replace sprites

Pokemon Lightning White

Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Lightning White Cheat Code (Desmume or Custom)
Pokemon Lightning White Cheat Code at Usrcheat.dat
Download Pokemon Lightning White Beta (Completed)

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