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Pokemon Highschool

Pokemon Highschool
Name: Pokemon Highschool
Created by: kanda
Source – credit: click here!
You will be a student. Ok, Student, maybe a good student :)))) LOL. You can come to the school, fall in love, chat with your friends. But you are a trainer and learning on Pokemon School. You have more rivals, You can choose more starters and play but just catch 6 Pokemon and you can’t access the PC :))) ok, I think you should catch carefully because you can’t release so. Travel to everywhere by train, but you must go to the school every morning. So more and more event in this game, but a so sad for someone, it’s a Spanish game and a PC Fanmade game. I hope this game will be complete and have the English version.

You are now 16 years old and yes, they have accepted your application for registration. Soon your adventure begins attending the Instituto Gran Estrella , one of the best Pokémon institutes in the region.
Thanks to the institute and your teacher, Prof. Jasmine , you can adopt your first Pokémon in the Pokemon Shelter . An organization that is dedicated to helping wild Pokémon in danger, abandoned by their trainers even of the eggs that have been left without parents who take care of them.

The Great Star InstituteIt may seem hard for your regulations, but if you think about it, everything makes sense. The Pokémon must be raised from affection and honesty. As if it were your own family. Therefore, collecting them as if they were objects and enclosing them in a computer is very badly seen. The institute will teach you how to have a most reliable and friendly team, that is why it is not allowed to have more than 6 Pokémon. They themselves will provide you Instiballs, some pokéball own of the institute.
The institute will put you to the test so that you become a good trainer by learning about the pokémon, types, survival on real routes, … do not underestimate the budget of the institute. After each test, you will get a badge, which will help you make your adventure more bearable(You may fail to get some badges so think twice before moving on) .

Last, and not least, one thing you should know. Do not use the PC. If you do, you will be expelled.

– Many secondary characters: You start the game with your 7 classmates and your teacher, who have their own designs and know more characters with backgrounds, both good and evil.
– Adoption: You will not go to the teacher’s lab on duty to give you your first Pokémon. You will go with your class to the next town, where they have a garden full of Pokémon ready to be adopted.
– Classes: You must go to the institute in the morning.
– Secondary Missions: There are several events that have no relation to the main plot.
– Own time: The game has its own time, it does not take the time from the configuration of your computer.
– Travel by train: You will visit many places in the region, but some are too far to walk. Get on the train! (Remember to buy the ticket before, otherwise you can not travel) .
– Mounts: There are sites that you can not even access by train or boat. To get there you will have to go through some routes where a saddle will be mandatory, so you can enjoy the new routes in a very different way.
– Regulations of the Institute: The Pokémon must be raised from affection and honesty. As if it were your own family. Therefore, collecting them as if they were objects and enclosing them in a computer is very badly seen.
– You can only capture 6 Pokémon.
– You can not access the PC .
– There are no legendary but special Pokémon.
– Script of Liberation: To be able to have only 6 Pokémon in the equipment and 0 in the PC, when you obtain a new Pokémon already having 6 in the equipment asks to you if you want to replace this new Pokémon by another of your equipment.

Content of BETA 1.3:
Day 1: Presentation in the institute and adoption of your first Pokémon.
Day 2: Initiation Route.
Day 3: Theoretical exam.
Day 4: Air Route and The Value Test.

Pokemon Highschool

Download Pokemon Highschool Betaa 1.3

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