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Pokemon Blue Star 2

Pokemon Blue Star 2
Name: Pokemon Blue Star 2
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: canal do jean​
Source: Click here!
It’s Pokemon Blue Star 2. It’s a New game with English and Portuguese. More and more people ask me “Hey, make an English version for that game” But so sorry I don’t try to do it. I actually check and I see this game has English and enough to play! We shouldn’t try to translate it. In This game, Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 7, New Storyline, New Regions with New Gym, Fairy Type, Physical and Special System, Mega Evolution in Battle, Exp XY System, some Fakemon will appear in Pokemon Blue Star 2. You can have 3 Rivals and you can receive Meltan and Melmetal. More and more…

Pokémon from the first to the seventh generation
Own history
New gyms
Exploiting Pokémon
Fairy type
division of physical and special blows
Meltan and Melmetal are present
Mega permanent evolution
Some fakemons
3 Rivals
Leap option
Exp of XY

Pokemon Blue Star 2

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