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Pokemon Alchemist

Name: Pokemon Alchemist
Created by: Jttyzzle
Source – credit: click here!
It’s a more traditional Pokemon story. The player, on an adventure, is swept into an evil teams plot to take over the region by ressurecting an ancient Pokemon, gathering things from throughout the region. Along with the International Police, and some Gym Leaders, you try to stop their plot all over the Kamla region. There’s some easter eggs regarding the teams past
throughout the game, so get hunting! In the postgame, a new Admin controls the remnants in an attempt to take over once more, with crazy plots the player has to stop.

-A brand new region to discover, filled with tons of Pokemon! Explore whole new areas in the Postgame.
-A fun story that extends through the postgame, with bases, grunts and admins to take out. Stop their plot to resurrect the ancient Pokemon!
-No edginess and no bad Fakemon!
-A total of 12 Gyms (4 Postgame) to conquer, and a Pokemon League.
-Sidequests, from little things to legendary hunts. There’s tons to do in the Kamla Region.
-Elite Battle and Shiney’s BW2 Overhaul.
-Pokemon World Tournament
-A variety of phone calls, for fun rematches and characters.
-Klein’s secret bases. Leave your mark on the region!

New Beta 5.0 version is out. Includes episode seven. (Darkrai, Cresselia) in addition to various bugfixes and all that jazz.



Download Pokemon Alchemist Completed Beta 5

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