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Sonicmon Fire Red

Nimi: Sonicmon Fire Red
Remake by: The Pech
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
The Pech’s Channel: click here!
The Pech’s Facebook: click here!
This game is Feature Hack with 151 Sonic + Pokemon = Sonicmon. It’s Completed with FireRed Storyline. Thank you The Pech to sending it to me!

More information:
Removed Old man event at Viridian (Crash bug)
There is a Fire Stone in front of Bill House (Route 25)
And a Thunder Stone at Rock Tunnel entrance(Route 10)
Removed Maroak event at Pokémon Tower (Crash bug)
Sun Stone can be bought at Cinnabar Island Pokémart
Catch all Starters: Silver at Mt. Ember tall grass, Shadow at Cerulean Cave (Mewtwo floor) and Sonic at Seafoam Islands (Articuno floor)
Pokémon events: Articuno = Mephiles / Zapdos = Chaos / Moltres = Shadic / Mewtwo = Nazo / Snorlax = Big
You can catch Infinite at Route 21 (Event)
Omanyte = Old Sonic (Helix Fossil at Mt. Moon)
10. All the Pokémon Trades will give you a different evolution of Emerl, Gemerl or E121 Phi
11. All the Evolutions Stones now cost $10.000
12. Removed Wild Pokémon while using Surf
13. You can catch Seelkadoom at Mewtwo cave (Event)
14. Vs Seeker is no more available

Pokémon Locations

The Trainers of each route will use the Pokémons available for Capture on their respective route
Example: if a Trainer uses a Tails, it means that Tails can be caught on the current route!
Except for Bug Catchers and Rockets Grunts, They use only Badniks



Download Sonicmon Fire Red V2.1

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