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Pokemon Emerald Wonder Trade

Name: Pokemon Emerald Wonder Trade
Remake by: JustLenny
Remake from: Pokemon Emerald
Source link: https://www.ducumon.me/forum/d/136-pok-mon-emerald-wonder-trade-version-made-by-me

This mod is based on Leviatã’s Pokémon Fire Red Wonder Trade Challenge. It’s just Pokémon Emerald with a few changes.

-There’s a Wonder Trade guy on every Pokémon Center.
-Pokémon Screen Selection has been modified to a NDS-style one, mantaining Emerald’s style!
-Some evolutions are modified. A list of the modified one is below:

Kadabra (Lv 33) -> Alakazam
Golbat (Lv 40) -> Crobat
Feebas (Lv 20) -> Milotic
Pichu (Lv 10) -> Pikachu
Igglybuff (Lv 10) -> Jigglypuff
Seadra (Lv 36) -> Kingdra (now learns Water Pulse at lv 36)
Clamperl (Lv 22) -> Huntail (Low personality) |
| Yup, I know this method sucks, but it’s the nearest to
| Tyrogue’s method (I would use it, but Clamperl has more Defense).
-> Gorebyss (High personality) |
Poliwhirl (Lv 35) -> Politoed (now learns Bounce at lv 35 instead of Perish Song).
Machoke (Lv 33) -> Machamp
Slowpoke (Lv 37 with Atk < Def) -> Slowking
Haunter (Lv 35, learns Sludge Bomb at this level) -> Gengar
Onix (Lv 33) -> Steelix
Chansey (Lv 28) -> Blissey | I know is a bit early, but she will be more useful with Egg Bomb at that level, instead of lv 35.
Scyther (Lv 26) -> Scizor | Same as Chansey’s case. Just for having a Steel-type attack without losing a Heart Scale.
Porygon (Lv 32) -> Porygon2 (now learns Signal Beam at lv 32)
Cleffa (Lv 10) -> Clefairy
Togepi (Lv 23) -> Togetic (now learns Ancient Power at lv 23)
Azurill (Lv 10) -> Marill

V. 1.1 changes:
-TMs are now reusable.
-Changed the rest of evolutions that I missed before.

Excluding that changes, it’s the normal Emerald game. Cheats work with the game. I’m not aware if your save got corrupted. It’s not randomizable.

Credits to:
-Lunos: Wonder Trade, and bringing the tutorials to Whack a Hack (I’m spanish).
-SkyOfBlades: it discovered how to avoid sound corromption on Pokémon Emerald and get some more free space.
-Kiy, usigusom, () and 黒インク: guys who made the modification of Pokémon Selection Screen possible.
-esperance: Reusable TMs in Pokémon Emerald.
-Gamer2020: creator of PGE.
-Lu-Ho: creator of Advance Map.
-HackMew: creator of XSE.
-Leviatã: main inspiration to make this mod.

If you want to follow the Wonder Trade Challenge, here are the rules:
-When you obtain Poké Balls, you should catch 5 Pokémon (doesn’t matter if they are at the same route).
Then, you trade them (including your starter) with the Wonder Trade guy.
This is your team now, and you are not allowed to change your team.
-You can trade one Pokémon of your team if you beat a gym.
-If you obtain a Pokémon you’ve obtained before or belongs to an evolutionary line you own, you can trade it again.



Download Pokemon Emerald Wonder Trade v1.1 Fixed (Completed)

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