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Pokemon Dreary

Nimi: Pokemon Dreary
Remake by: Anthroyd
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Source link: click here!
Pokémon Dreary tells a short story about a troubled Kanto region.
Journey through Kanto and uncover mysterious phenomena…
But most importantly, get to the Indigo Plateau while you still have the chance.

Short Story Focus
Ability to Sleep in Beds
Start from Last Save on Death
Intelligent Enemy AI
Modern Pokémon Specs
Physical / Special Split
Day / Night System
Convenient Repel System
Custom Soundtrack

Fourth public release
Date of release: January 29, 2019

+ Sometimes unable to get passed guards in Viridian City
*** If you are unable to pass the guards: after patching with v1.1, talk to the fat NPC just above the guards in Viridian City, then try passing them again. ***

Third public release
Date of release: January 28, 2019
100% Complete
Offers about 8 hours of gameplay
Ends after the credits

+ Approximately 2 hours of gameplay
+ Bug fixes, balanced difficulty, improved item quality
+ Revamped graphics and music
+ Ability to use Sacred Ash during battle (acts like a Max Revive)

– Day / Night System



Download Pokemon Dreary Completed v1.1

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