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Pokemon Theta Emerald Renev

Name: Pokemon Theta Emerald Renev
Remake by: LCCoolJ95
Remake from: Pokemon Emerald
Source – credit: click here!
LCCoolJ95 Channel: click here!
Pokemon Theta Emerald Renev is a new version of Theta Emerald EX. This game will have Emerald Storyline with more expend areas and more features. If you played Pokemon Hyper Emerald Z and don’t like about some Chinese characters. So Pokemon Theta Emerald Renev will the best choice for you until now!

New Pokémon: 700+ Pokémon are catchable in this game, all rewritten from scratch using Gen 6/Gen 7 as a base.
New forms/formes: New forms have been implemented in the game, from simple male and female forms, to formes that fuse Pokémon together.
New Moves: There are a variety of moves available in this game, with their move effects working as they should.
New Abilities: There are a ton of new abilities and a good portion of Pokémon had them changed for better ones.
New Items: There’s plenty of Items to collect in this game, along with new Poké Balls! Along with this, bag space for all pockets have been expanded.
120 TMs and HMs: Over 100 TMs and HMs to collect in this game, including some move tutor TMs.
Mega Evolution/Primal Reversion: Mega Evolution (both Dragon Ascent and Mega Stone) and Primal Reversion are implemented and fully working.
New Areas: You can travel to different parts of the Pokémon world, and who knows what you’ll find there

-Weird palette glitch in the PC. When you highlight a Pokémon, their palette changes. But when you unselect them, they’re fine.
-Names of the PC Boxes change color but look ok

v1: Initial release, 11/16/2018
v2: Bug fixes with Draining Kiss, Leech Life, and Flame burst, 11/20/2018
v2.1: Fixed a freezing glitch when battling your Rival, that was my bad…, 11/21/2018
v2.2: Fixed a teleporting glitch where you couldn’t go to Valor Cavern, and fixed some cut off names for abilities, 11/22/2018



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