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Pokemon Wack

Name: Pokemon Wack
Created by: BlowDryMan
Source – Credit on BlowDryMan’s deviantart: Click here!
Source – Credit on pokemonwack wiki: Click here!
In the Wack region, everything is, well, wack. There are hundreds of new Pokemon, and a new region with 8 gyms and a new storyline. The number of Pokemon is increased to over 1800, and the number of types is increased to 49.

-Over 40 NEW types
-A total of 1850 Pokemon
-1800+ Moves (plenty of new mechanics)
-New megas, alternate forms
-Tons of buffed old pokemon
-The Kanto region, soon to include the Hoenn and Johto region (Courtesy of JohtoBlaziken)
-The Gold Beta Pokemon are included in the game
-Wonder Trade, Randomizer mode
-Insanity Mode (Stronger trainers, can only use a shop once other insane changes. Under construction)
-6 different player genders

-Part 1 out of 2? 3? of the Sun is completed
-You can now obtain the other starters, after beating the Elite Four you can go to the lab and challenge three trainers to obtain their respective starter (Warning: they are very strong)
-You can now obtain the Gracidea, Reveal Glass, Drives and DNA Splicers in the spots you got their respective legendary
-The move Icicle Cleave should work now
-More moves
-More pokemon
-New Stando form: Enigma (Hey Ya! was also not actually obtainable, now it is)
-More secrets
-Some new move animations

-In expanding the number of boxes, I accidentally expanded the number of mons per box. In doing so there could inaccessible pokemon once you reach 30 pokemon in a box. If you have a game file that was created in v1.0.7.2 or v1., then move pokemon to another box once your box is about to be full. All new games made in this update will no longer have this issue and will have 60 boxes available
-The Poke Radar is now available in the Pokemon Lab after beating the 8th Gym
-New Stando forms: In a Silent Way, Hey Ya!, Cheap Trick, Ratt
-New Mega: Torkoal
-New pokemon
-New moves
-A lot of buffs to older pokemon
-Willost can now learn Shadow Ball, Kawaidesha can now learn Earthquake
-A TM for Sleep Talk is now available

-When going to the Sun a second time, it would make you stuck, this fixes that
-Midnight’s TM was actually Hail, now it will actually be Midnight
-The TMs Leech Life and Smart Strike are now available
-New Stando forms: Ballbreaker and Tusk (Tusk evolves into Act 2 if it levels up while holding Tusk, then evolves into Act 3 by level up and mega evolves into Act 4)

-Number of boxes has been increased to 60
-Hoopa, Volcanion, Marshadow and Zeraora are now catchable. That means all legendaries except for Necrozma, Palkia, Dialga, Giratina
and Arceus are now catchable. (The remaining will be part of the story)
-You can now actually get Zen Mode Darmanitan, Darmanitan learns some good special and status moves from the relearner (Gets Devil Deal and Shinigami Eyes through breeding too, both of which would be almost overpowered with Zen Mode)
-You could get stuck in some of the unfinished regions, this update will fix that
-Gave Water Veil the effects of Water Bubble, Water Bubble is replaced by Water Veil and the distribution for Water Veil isn’t as wide as it was
-Gave Magma Armor the same effects as Water Veil for Magma type (1.5 power to magma moves and 0.5 damage from Ice moves)
-Sunny Day now also increases the power of light type moves
-Midnight is now a TM
-New auto-Midnight ability (Given to Dusknoir and Yveltal)
-Midnight no longer boosts the power of Zombie moves, instead it increases the Speed of Zombie types
-Dark type moves are now boosted by Midnight
-Incineroar now has its proper stats
-More pokemon
-More moves

-You now must defeat Corrupted Manglo to have access to Zenature and Techolute, they are level 80 instead of 65
-Ribombee has its actual stats
-Fixed a bug that could occur in the Kanto Elite Four
-Abomasnow, Absol, Mawile and Banette can now use the Mist Stone
-Insanity Mode now goes up until the 5th Gym
-New Mega: Absorsponge
-New Pokemon
-New Moves
-Buffed some pokemon

-Ultra Jungle, Ultra Desert
-New mega: Saplom
-New moves
-New pokemon
-Buffed a lot of not very strong pokemon

-Ultra Space in Arcania City after beating the 8th gym (Incomplete, only has Nihilego)
-Once the Nuclear Power Plant in Cherno explodes, a new location is opened up in the basement
-You can now hunt down the enigmatic legendary pokemon: Zenature and Techolute
-Food now resists Divine and is immune to Chaos
-Fixed Love Burst and similar moves
-New Megas: Facarveel
-More pokemon
-More moves
-You can now change the controls of the game

-Sidequest on Mars is now completed
-May have fixed the occasional crashing bug in randomizer mode
-The tapu island was a little, uh, buggy… Now its not
-You can get Mew somewhere after beating Mewtwo… but where could it be hiding?
-A rather bizarre adventure is hidden in the game
-Sucker Punch now works like its supposed to, a few more moves that didn’t work work now
-Mega Audino has the effects of Misty Surge
-New Megas: Capsileau
-More pokemon
-More moves

-Fixed bug where pokemon couldn’t evolve
-Island where you can catch the Tapus (In Surfin City)
-Fruity Burst should work now
-New sprites for: Tiroar, Banor, Kingler’s Ancient Power evolution
-More icons for mons who didn’t have them, whenever I add a new mon I will
now give it an icon
-New pokemon
-New moves

-Now a total of 1735 pokemon and 1718 moves
-Mewtwo sidequest
-Flying now works in Kanto
-You couldn’t catch Deoxys, now you can
-Insanity Mode now affects all trainers up until Seaside Cavern
-All Gen 7 pokemon now have cries
-New icons for pokemon that didn’t have them
-New Megas: Teskare, Hypno, Primeape, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Glaceon
-Aegislash’s form change now works
-Nerfed some chaos moves
-Pancham’s evolution method is now in the game
-Aurora Veil is now in the game
-Beast Boost now works
-A bunch of new moves
-Hyper Beam and Giga Impact now have Gen 1 mechanics (If it defeats a pokemon you don’t have to recharge)
-Decreased the HP loss from Solar Power
-On top of healing, Bask will now also raise the user’s Speed by 1 if it is used in the Sun
-Forecast now doubles Speed in Rain and Sunny Weather, heals in Hail and increases Evasion in Sandstorm
-Gave Kingdra more speed, Electivire now has Iron Fist as a secondary ability, gave Weezing +10HP, swapped Glaceon’s defense and speed stat, Furret’s two abilities are now Fur Coat and Simple, plenty of other buffs that I don’t remember
-New Stando forms: Super Fly, Aerosmith, Sex Pistols, Moody Blues, Spice Girl, Weather Report

-The Terrain moves now work, they are also active for 8 turns instead of 5
-Some new field affecting moves
-Contrary now works for moves that lower stats as recoil (like Superpower, Close Combat, Psychoboost)
-A bunch of new moves
-Some new pokemon
-Kanto is now completely playtested, the SS Anne is not yet completely in the game
-Lots of pokemon have been buffed, in particular Tropius, Smeargle, Parasect and Pidgeot are much better

-Completion of main story of Mars
-The Beta Stone didn’t actually work, now it does
-Give an Everstone to the Baby Pokemon from the gold beta and they will have the stats of their last stage
-Up to Celadon City has been playtested in Kanto (the third gym has not)
-New pokemon
-New moves
-New Stando form: Purple Haze
-More shiny sprites for mons who didn’t have them, all Gen 7 pokemon now have shiny sprites
-Increased Shiny chance

-The beta pokemon from the beta of Pokemon Gold have been added to the game
-New item: Beta Stone (transforms pokemon into their beta version or evolves them into an evolution they had in the beta) You can get one on Liberty Island
-There was a trainer that had his hard mode team, he has his normal mode team now
-There were two pokedex numbers that didn’t have pokemon assigned to them, they do now. This would have caused crashes in randomizer mode if they were picked
-You can now go through Route 12 in Kanto
-Increased shiny chance

-Crost had his Insanity mode team on normal mode, this gives him his normal team
-Fixed some of the map connections on Kanto, you weren’t able to beat the seventh gym now you can
-There was a pokedex number that didn’t have a pokemon assigned to it, this could cause crashes in randomizer mode, I added a pokemon in that spot
-Scrappy now works for all type immunities
-Fairy is no longer weak to Magma, now weak to Nuclear
-New moves, new pokemon
-Pinsir now properly evolves while holding the Mist Stone
-There were a few mega stones that didn’t go into the Battle Items pouch, now they do

-More content on Mars
-Icons for Gen 6 and 7 pokemon (including megas), some new sprites for Gen 7 pokemon, new backsprites for Gen 5 pokemon
-Item Crafting
-The Kanto region (Not thoroughly playtested beyond Rock Tunnel, doesn’t have the Safari Zone, Cerulean Cave, S.S Anne Elite Four or Victory Road yet. Silph Co and Rocket Hideout will probably be buggy)
-Turbo Button
-Randomizer mode
-Insanity Mode: Gives trainers insane teams, you can only buy from each shop once, other misc insane changes (mostly only affects Gym Leaders and rivals right now)
-Pokemon you caught won’t listen to you after a certain level unless you have the right badge
-Mega Stones now go into the Battle Items pouch
-New Megas for: Electrode, Octillery, Crobat
-New items: Type damage boosting items for each type, Tantal Berry (Reduces damage from Chaos moves upon consumption), Holy Ward (Reduces damage from chaos moves)
-New pokemon
-The ability Builder now works
-Life Orb, Shell Bell and Sadist work
-Goatemon now has an icon so you can actually use it

-Deoxys encounter in space
-The guy that takes you to the arctic will now actually take you back
-Rotom’s 5 new forms are now actually available in Synth City
-New building in iCity, sidequest where you fight in a tournament
-Increased shiny chance
-Magic is now weak to Tech like it was supposed to be
-You can now use Fly after obtaining the 4th badge instead of the 5th
-Added more interactivity to objects all around the region
-You now have access to the Route that goes to Cherno city after you beat the Juvite Corps area
-New USUM pokemon are now in the game, Tapus are now in the game (Though currently only obtainable through WT)
-Some new fakemon and regional forms
-Around 50 new moves

-New Mega: Delcatty
-Willost didn’t have a transparent background on its sprite, now it does
-Ryulung used its shiny as its backsprite, now it has its normal backsprite
-Curse worked the same for every type in, this fixes that
-Lazy Day had 10Acc in the previous update, now it has 85 Acc

-More Postgame: Mars (Not complete, but it exists)
-Regigigas sidequest with a new mysterious Regi (You have immediate access once you arrive in Surfin city. You can catch the three Regis then. After beating the Antarctica portion of the postgame, a new sidequest will happen in the Regi Isles and you will have access to Regigigas as well as a new Regi)
-Slow Start now halves Attack and Speed for 3 turns instead of 5
-More of Gen 2: You can now arrive in the 2nd town
-New pokemon
-New Megas for: Brickor, Frostear, Melonvile, Stantler, Crystal Steelix
-New Stando forms: D4C (New item: The Star. Revert Stando to its original form)
-You can now actually obtain Crabominable, use an Ice Stone on it
-Fixed the move Ritual, the move Bibliomancy now actually chooses a random Paper move instead of a random Cosmic move
-Zombie types are now immune to the Poison status condition
-Over 100 new moves
-New feature: Wondertrade, in most Pokemon Centers there is a guy next to the PC who will let you “Wondertrade” (trade one of your pokemon for a random pokemon)

-More story: When you get back from the moon, a mysterious figure visits you
-Some new moves
-Yveltal, Xerneas and Zygarde now available
-New Mega for: Lunar Sableye
-Fixed Playne’s catch rate
-Clavies will now evolve if it is holding the item during either night or day
-Geomancy now works

-Completion of The Moon
-Around 25+ new moves
-New Megas for: Fonighton, Heruptin
-New Stando forms: Sticky Fingers, Whitesnake, C-Moon

-More content added to the moon
-Around 9 new evolutionary lines
-New Megas for: Leafeon, Clefable, Chesnaught, Comistorin
-Sateli now has a signature move: Satellite Ray (Special/Tech-type, raises SpAtk on the first turn then attacks on the 2nd)
-The NPC in Glacie that wants you to trade him a Dunsparce now gives the proper pokemon instead of Haunter
-New eeveelutions for the following types: Steel, Flying, Fighting
-New stando form: King Crimson

-Go to the Moon, not much to do there at all right now but it exists
-The Kooky region is now semi functional, it goes up to the first rival battle at the end of Trial Cave now
-New sprite for the “Can You Repeat the Question?” gender
-After you beat the sixth gym, something appears in the Pokeball Factory
-You can now rematch up the sixth Gym
-New megas for: Archango, Sateli, Sphinxiant

-Groudon and Kyogre’s challenge completed
-Can now re-battle the 2nd and 3rd gym leaders after beating the game
-Wishiwashi is now available
-Some new pokemon, moves and Megas
-Gave a battle transition to every gym leader and major trainer that didn’t have one
-Around 40 new cries!
-New credits!
-New Stando form: Soft and Wet

-Sleep now works
-Removed a trainer that didn’t exist
-Fixed some move effects, gave Solareon an Icon so it shouldn’t crash the game
-The last boss in the Antarctica didn’t have his mega stone, fixed it in this update

-First Chapter of the postgame set in Antarctica is completed
-Some new pokemon and megas
-You can now rematch the first gym leader after beating the game
-The ability Firewall now works properly



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