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Pokemon Gastly’s Origins

Nimi: Pokemon Gastly’s Origins
Remake by: Plabon
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Source – Credit on Pokemoner Forum: https://www.pokemoner.net/forum/d/156-pok-mon-gastly-s-origins-update-soon
This game is feature hack and based on pokemon fire red by Plabon. You should remember this game is completed with fire red’s story! Have Fun!

~Play as a Gastly (Walk), Haunter (Running Shoes) and Gengar [Bicycle(Soon)].
~Hidden Rare Items (like Rare Candy x99 and Master Ball x99)
~Walk Through Walls through whole region.
~Mega Evolution in Battle (Read the Route 1 Sign for once to activate after that get a Key Stone in the house of the girl who gives HM 2 Fly) (Press ”Select” in battle to activate)
~More Cool Features than previous Version
~Funny Dialogues
~Legendary Lake (Where you can get legends lv100)
~Prof.Oak Became Magician Rick
~More Soon (In version 5.0)

CIA File is for Nintendo 3DS!



Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Gastly’s Origins Cheat Codes
Download Pokemon Gastly’s Origins Beta 4 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Gastly’s Origins Beta 4 CIA (Completed)

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