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Pokemon Drab Conspiracy

Nimi: Pokemon Drab Conspiracy
Remake by: E²VaN
Remake from: Pokemon Ruby
Translate by: MrTien Duc – Pokemoner.com
Source – Credit on Pokemon Drab Conspiracy: Click here!
Well, this Hack ROM takes you to the first region, where it all began, a few years later the troubles of Ivan and Max; yes, because when you unleash 2 legendary to flood the earth or blow up volcanoes it does not end with tarallucci and wine with any Rayquaza, maybe you need a new force that helps this region not to collapse on itself.
An unpublished story to tell the story of a young man who starts his adventure just like the previous champions did but …
… something does not fit.
You will meet people who do not steal Pokémon to make money, do not use them to change the weather or to redeem themselves, they do not use them at all!
Perhaps their purpose is something bigger, who knows … maybe someone or something has disappointed them so much to be unleashed against … who? or what?
Will these people be able to take their revenge?
All that remains is to explore this new Kanto, bigger, more evolved with so many mysteries that revolve around it …

Kanto Remake
Good Graphics
Good Script
Good Storyline
Mega Evolution (i just guess because i see this game has more text about mega evoltuion)

English Patched 1:
Translate into English upto 2nd Gym

Beta 1.4: Upto Route 5, hmm maybe i guess

bugs or errors:
▸ In some areas the menu icons are black.
▸In the gym of Celestopoli, opening the menu may vary the colors in the map.
▸Catch Rate in the garden to be improved.
▸Some lyrics (in battle) are in English.
▸ Sometimes there may be strange icons on the player’s PC, but they do not compromise the PC’s vision.
▸ …



Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Drab Conspiracy Cheat Codes
Download Pokemon Drab Conspiracy Beta 1.4 English
Download Pokemon Drab Conspiracy Beta 1.4 Italia

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