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Digimon New World

Nimi: Digimon New World
Remake by: Gabumon
Source about Gabumon’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gabumon687
Discuss at: Wahackforo
You are a chic @ anyone, who for unknown reasons ended up in a strange place, an old hermit named Jijimon, welcomes you into his home along with other strange beings.
This is the Digital World, a parallel world to ours, connected through the Network, a place inhabited by strange monsters called Digital Monsters (Digimon).
In your search for information to return to your world, you will know the Digital World and you will discover that you are not the only human here, some in your same situation and others who came under their will and their own methods, not with very good intentions.
Are you here by accident or do you come with a purpose?

Game features (Beta 1)
300+ Digimon to know and fight (50+)
Evolutionary branches to the classic style of the V-pet Digimon
New objects
Additionally each object has its own overworld, as in the official Digimon World.
Digimon Fanmade
They are the winners of my contests in Amino, they were supposed to be in the N0 hack, but since N0 is indefinitely unemployed …
But, hey! if New World returned, Next Order can also come back

Other Information:
When losing, the game will restart!
The most likely thing is that the final version of the game comes out in RPG Maker



Cheat Codes:
Digimon New World Cheat Codes
Download Digimon New World Beta 1

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