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Pokemon Theta Sun X

Nimi: Pokemon Theta Sun X
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: Darksilva or (Junniel F Deveyra) and him Team
Diccuss at Pokemoner’s Forum: pokemoner.net/forum/d/95-pokemon-theta-sun-x
Pokemon Theta Sun X is GBA Rom, based on Pokemon Emerald, Hacked by Darksilva. IT’s a Feature hack. The Story is followed Emerald’s story. In the present, Pokemon Theta Sun X is a Completed version.

1.Gen 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Mixed All
2.New Attacks
3,Fairy Types
4.New Battle Background
5.Running Shoes in Door
6.5% Chance to get Shiny
7.Critical Update
8,Egg Hatch at Level 1
9.Upto 50+ Tm
10.Som:Updated Sprites
11.New Maps & Portals
12.Ev Cap to 252
13.Catch Pokemon Gain XP
14.Pokedex Fix Upto 600 Entries
15.New Evolution Stones
16. Z- Move
17. Changed Maps

Feature Update:
– Mega Evo.
– Transparent Text

Updates 30-8-18:
Ev Cap 252
Rough Skin Update
Deletable HM
Nature Colored Stats
Deoxys Is now Normal Form
Poison Survival
Fix PSS Split
New Rapel System
Hidden Ability

Deepak Maneswer
Keon Foo
Joachim Cedrick Byle
Benjamin King
And Me Junniel F Deveyra)
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Download Pokemon Theta Sun X Completed Version 8-13-18

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