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Pokemon Run

Name: Pokemon Run
Created by: Woah
Source – Credit about Pokemon Run: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=351368

Pokémon Run is a game about exploring newly purchased land and interacting with the squatters who’ve taken up residence there, all the while protecting your precious pokémon from being taken by entities whose origins are as mysterious as the very beings themselves. Pokémon are fairly hard to come by and are only found in special grottos. There are other methods of obtaining pokémon though (see Features).

Over ten hours of gameplay (as of demo version 3.0) and more content coming soon.
A number of pokémon from generations I-VI have been added to the game. All pokémon from I-VI will be implemented in later versions.
Any fossil pokémon as your starter! You just have to find the fossil first. (Note: Gen VI fossils not available as of version d3.0.)
(!) A new method of battling! If you win, you gain one of the enemy’s pokémon of your choosing. If you lose, on the other hand…
(!) (REMOVED) A new method of catching pokémon! Pokéballs have been specialized per species. E.g. find a Starlyball, and you’ll be able to catch a starly.
Pokéballs are expensive. Sell your unwanted pokémon if you’re low on cash!
(!) The game is not focused on tedious grinding to gain levels. There are many new ways for your pokémon to grow, all based on exploring, finding secrets, and being strategic:
-Pokémon who evolve by level now evolve using Evostones.
-Use rare items to make your pokémon shiny! Shiny pokémon grow faster than normal pokémon.
-Transfer stations, where you can send unwanted pokémon’s experience to other, more wanted pokémon.
Special Coverts. Instead of trudging through tall grass to get to the next town (ugh), there are now areas solely for catching pokémon. No repels necessary!
No more “Would you like me to take your pokémon and blah blah blah BLAH BLAH” ..NO! Self-serve machines, scattered around the land, will heal your party instantly.
Customized sprites for items.
High-tier berries, designed to raise the efficacy of a berry tenfold.
No gyms, no elite 4. Your only goal is to explore and avoid baddies.
(As of demo version 3.0, gyms are present, but are not necessary to progress through the game. Mostly, they are just a means of collecting mega stones as rewards!)
EXPLORE! A semi-open world awaits you, with many, many secrets waiting to be unearthed. There are many ways to get rare pokémon and items. You just have to know where to look.
Side quests! Many more will be added.
Slightly refurbished tilesets.
AND optional PERMA-DEATH. In later versions, enabling this option will also result in various rewards.
(!)BECOME YOUR POKÉMON during PMD-like missions to retrieve arcane crystals from ruins inaccessible to humans.

Known Bugs:
-Most gen VI battler backs are VERY small. I have yet to resize those sprites. But hey, I was able to resize all front sprites, which was a most arduous task indeed.
-Gen VI pokémon don’t have cry sfx yet
-There may be some bugginess with the background music, if there is any at all. That’s because Wine can’t run .MIDI files on Mac.
There may also be door noises where there shouldn’t be.
-Entering the party screen after game over causes a crash.
-Varying pokémon forms are currently not supported for the dungeons.

Demo version 4.0
– More hours of gameplay, obviously
– Original music added here and there
– More unique items
– Mechanics added to help balance growthrates
– Bug fixes



Download Pokemon Run Demo v4