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Pokemon Adventures Yellow Chapter [2018]

Name: Pokemon Adventures Yellow Chapter [2018]
Remake by: c067912881
Source: Click here!
2 Years Ago……..An epic fight broke out between Red and Elite Four, Bruno. The Elite Four punished, beat, and crushed Red from Pallet Town but, one Pokemon managed to escape, Pikachu. Come and join Yellow’s team of amazing Pokemon through challenges she had to face through out the manga trying to one day return Pikachu to his rightful owner, Red.

-Play as Yellow
-Capture all the Pokemon she obtains in the manga
-Red, Green, and Blue will make there appearance like in the manga
-You don’t need to worry about Gyms
-Yellow’s Pokemon will be forced evolved throughout the hack
-You will be able to ride Doduo and Dodrio(Once Evolved)
-You surf on a surfboard with Pikachu!
-New Day, Night and Seasons System
-Gen 4-5 Moves and Fariy Type
-Brand new Bootscreen
–Clock in Start Menu
-Iv’s are displayed in the stats
-Post Story in the Alola Region(Only playable when Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn are completed)

Q: Where is the items that will evolve Yellow’s Pokemon?
A: It’s forced evolution now.

Q: Why was this hack restarted 3-4 times?
A: Bugs, glitches, etc…

Q: Are you continuing your other hacks; Blue and Green Chapter?
A: They will be in the future.

Q: Can I continue off my current .sav?
A: Yes, yes you can if you were playing the most current Beta.

Bugs: (Strikethrough means fixed)

-One house is buggy once entering Pallet Town
-Sprites Pallets are discoloured from time to time



Cheat Codes:
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