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Pokemon Desert

Pokemon Desert
Nimi: Pokemon Desert
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: 777ID777
Source – Credit on Pokecommunity: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=409951
So the premise is: a Gastly comes to you in a nightmare, then a Trapinch needs rescuing outside. Bam – starter Pokémon. All the kids in your neighborhood also have new Pokémon, so you battle all of them until eventually you decide to go into the main city. There, you meet immigrant Brendan from Hoenn. He tells you about the gym challenge and off you go!

There are a few threads going on story-wise:
1. Gym challenge w/ rivals
2. Team Rocket’s Shenanigans
3. Cartels
4. California Secessionists

You can check out the town map at any point – it’s already in there. There’s four cities in California, two in Mexico, and a boatload in Arizona.

New Tiles
New Story
All the advantages of Leon’s Firered Base
More and more

When you get out of a wild encounter by the cut cactus, it turns you into a glitched cut cacti that’s all sorts of ****ed. I left a single wild patch by the cactus if you wanna find out what the error is.
Empty moves look weird!
Nicknaming Trapinch nicknames Gastly… Super weird, eh?
When you enter Mesa for the first time, sometimes the script with the rivals doesn’t pop.
No photo – but whenever Clear Smog is used, the game crashes.

Changelogs: Upto 2nd gym with alpha 0.2
Pokemon Kanlara Adventures

Download Pokemon Desert Alpha 0.2

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