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Pokemon Null

 Pokemon Null
Name: Pokemon Null
Create by: Atomic Sock
Get more information at Dinisk’s Topic – credit: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=408013
12 years ago, the president of the Devian Corporation created a secret organization, Team Null to investigate a mysterious anomaly. In present time, they appear to be a criminal organization, and the professor of Trats Town has sent you on a mission to deal with them! Explore the Noino Region with your long time friend, Pichu, defeat the battle masters, discover the secret of Team Null, and your past, and face even the legendary Pokemon of creation, Arceus!

Here are some features I can remember off the top of my head:
All Pokemon up to gen 5 are obtainable.
All trade evolutions have been altered.
Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, and Arceus have been buffed.
There is one gen 7 Pokemon hidden in the game.
There is one line of Fakemon; Litleaf, Litsap, and Deadwood.
There are a number of plugins the game uses, such as multiple saves, following Pokemon, and the Elite Battle System.
There are a few new Mega Evolutions, and some existing ones are in the game.
There is a 100% ending, for completing various things.
Cut, Rock Smash, and Strength are items instead of HMs.
There is a cellphone item that can play all of the game’s music.
Mystery gift can be unlocked after beating the game, and you are given a passcode to unlock it on new save files from the start.

Other notes:
Check the “IMPORTANT” folder in the game files for some useful information, such as a location guide for all Pokemon, and how evolutions were changed.
The game tends to have a more humorous tone, but sometimes gets a bit serious

 Pokemon Null

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