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Pokemon Light Platinum SM

Pokemon Light Platinum SM
Name: Pokemon Light Platinum SM
Remake From: Pokemon Ruby
Remake by: WesleyFG, Pokemoner.com


Notes: This Project is Cancel because it has a lots bug when i try to add more feature. I fixed some bugs i can fixed and i released this version. Some Bugs you can see such as: catch some pokemon and your game will be frozen.
P/s: Why Pokemoner.com release a bug version? Because a lot of people say this does not exist and swear, complaining about it. So we will release this game even if it is a mistake to commemorate the 10,000 subscribers on youtube!
P/s2: This is a gift for all your fans and followers of Pokemoner.com.
Pokemon Light Platinum is hacked by WesleyFG with a Good Story but pokemon is just upto Gen 5. So Pokemon Light Platinum SM is a reborn version by Pokemoner.com when we gain 10,000 subscribers with new feature can add into this game!

Two New Regions, Zhery and Lauren
Two New League for each Region
Pokémon from IV and V Gen
New Sprite for all Pokémon
New Sprite for all Trainer
New Maps
New Tilesets for all Maps
Headbut Tree
Honey Tree
Safari Zone (Field, Swamp, Snow, Desert)
World Championship


New Feature:
Pokemon from Gen 1 to 7.
some Mega Evolution out battle (use Moon Stone, except Charizard uses Sun Stone change into Mega Charizard Y, and Moon Stone change into Mega Charizard X)
Moon stone for trade evo

Some Pokemon will be frozen when you meet!

Pokemon Light Platinum SM

Download Pokemon Light Platinum SM Release Bug Version (Cancel project)