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Pokemon Misanthropy

Pokemon Misanthropy
Nimi: Pokemon Misanthropy
Create by: Aryaman
Source – credit: rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/33601-pokemon-misanthropy/

”I will become the god and will pass my judgment on these humans. The humans who have committed sin will repent. I will make them repent.”
”Misanthropy” is a term used for humans who hate humankind.
You are (lets say red/green). You are very smart and topper of the school but sadly, you are poor. You are always bullied and disrespected.
But you don’t care about this, you want to fulfil your dream and prove them wrong.
But one incident changed everything.


1) Good graphics and new music
2) Elite battle system
3) Pokemon following you ( To activate it, talk to the girl in your house.)
4) Deep and a bit dark story
5) General Knowledge test ( From time to time, you will have to test your IQ. This is done to make the game knowledgeable.)
6) All the pokemons till Gen 6 and new starters ( Not the traditional ones.)

Future features

Mega evolution
Z moves
No gym or elite four, just one tournament.
and many more.
Pokemon Misanthropy

Download Pokemon Misanthropy Demo u1

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