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Pokemon Marigold

Pokemon Marigold
Nimi: Pokemon Marigold
Create by: plutokrasi
Source – credit: reliccastle.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=489

Are you ready to take on Torii Island and it’s three Gym Leaders? Take on the role of a thrill seeking trainer and take a trip to Torii island, where you’ll find mountains of goodies, collectible TMs, and a challenging trio of Gym Leaders waiting for you. Can you become the very best and graduate Guile Sterwin’s Pokémon Trainer Escort Program?

Game Features
10 Pokémon to start with! The team making possibilities are numerous!
A non-linear game structure; challenge the three Gyms in any order you desire!
An experience that creates a feel somewhere between the third and fourth generations of Pokémon.
40 TMs to collect! Can you find them all?
Lots of hidden items! Check every nook and cranny for them!
Short length, perfect for killing a few hours on a long day.
Remixed music from Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions!

Pokemon Marigold

Download Pokemon Marigold v1.1 Completed

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