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Pokemon Continental Distortion Z

Pokemon Continental Distortion Z
Nimi: Pokemon Continental Distortion Z
Create by: BlackStarStudios
Source – credit: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=9813882

You are a young Boy/Girl who has amnesia after a tragic accident years ago after defeating Team Flare. Some how you get caught up into a situation that could cause serious devistation to the Earth and all you friends can’t tell you that you got amnesia for reasons unexplained(Your character doesn’t know!). Who else to do it to with than the Team-Up of Team Neo Plasma and Team Rocket, who set out to catch the Legendary Pokemon in which this case mainly Zygarde. Zygarde has the the power to bring peace and chaos to planet Earth. Can you stop them before it’s to late or will you join them to bring destruction to your home world?

This game is in early access. It’s still in development and the current version may be buggy or incomplete. Follow along to watch it as it develops!

Pokemon Continental Distortion Z

Download Pokemon Continental Distortion Z 5.0 Demo

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