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Pokemon Zaru

Pokemon Zaru
Name: Pokemon Zaru
Remake from: Pokemon FireRed version
Remake by: Manekimoney
Source: Click here!

Pokemon Zaru is a ROM hack, set in a familiar region of Kanto. But some things are different. In fact, all the 151 Pokemon. The hack includes 151 Fakemon that replace the old ones. But there is also one more thing. The region was taken over by nazis. And guess who is gonna stop them? Ash Ketchu… you (the story isn’t meant to be taken too seriously). The story is changed to fit the theme and every all 151 Fakemon are catchable in a single playthrough.

Note: Nazis in game only share the similarities with the real world nazis in the name and fashion sense.


– 151 catchable Fakemon,
– New story,
– Slightly modified old routes,
– Increased difficulty (But hopefully not too much),
– Moves from new generations,
– Modified old moves to be better (Snore is actually somewhat good now),
– New custom moves to give some underappreciated typings a little help in combat,
– More buyable TM’s and buyable Ethers,
– The cost of healing items is increased. This is done to discourage heal spamming. Don’t be careless with your money, ‘cuz you’re gonna need it at the end,
– Many good items can be obtained by catching wild Pokemon or using Thief on them,
– Weak HM’s are buffed, so they aren’t as much of a pain to use (Flash is also never required to use).
– AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Encounter rates in Mt. Moon, Diglett Cave and Rock Tunnel are lowered. Please clap.


After years of battling to free the region from the nazis, the rebels seem to have no hope left. So some crazy rebel profesor called KOLIBRI has a plan so tremendously stupid, it just may work: “Let’s just send two guys to take down the entire nazi empire by themselves.”. You and your buddy (“cough” rival “cough”) are on a mission to get the 8 nazi general badges (Yeah, the generals are basically gym leaders), which grant access to the nazi HQ, where you have to take down the nazi leader and make the world a slightly better place.

Some things to point out:

The hack is still extremely similar to Fire Red. The events are still the same as in Fire Red, but reskined. The important thing are really the new Fakemon. Many Fakemon are similar to the old Pokemon (route 1 rodent and bird, fakemon eevee, 2 forest bugs, etc.). All Pokemon are good in battle to some degree (well expect for some joke ones).

The hack’s purpose is mostly to play Fire Red in a different way, to experience playing some different Pokemon from ususal ones.

Some character and Pokemon designs may look completely different that the rest of them in terms of art style,(mainly Zvitor and Kolibri) but those are intentional and are actually an in joke you would never understand (they don’t take away from the experience tho).

You may also see that some Fakemon designs were inspired by other things.

Some faults to note:

– Some text is not properly changed, because. Example: “Received Poke Balls from PROF. OAK”, but it should say “Received Poke Balls from KOLIBRI”). This is especially common in end of battle dialouge against the generals. Nothing major though.
– Pokemon sizes in the Pokedex are weird and most commonly false. You can probably deal with that.
– Fakemon don’t have outlines. Some Fakemon may camoulage theselves with the background a bit.
– After the “Hall of Fame” event, the game is over. Sevii island and stuff like that is not programed correctly and will not work properly.

Pokemon Zaru

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