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Pokemon Star decrypted Citra

Pokemon Star decrypted Citra
Name: Pokemon Star decrypted Citra
Remake from: Pokemon Ultra Moon version
Remake by: Rusyass
Source – credit: Click here to gbatemp!

Explore the all new Alola, now filled with Ultra Beasts and more mysteries!
Your partner this time is none other than the sweet little Lillie and the other Aether members,
who return from Kanto after a failed attempt at restoring Lusamine back to her normal self.
Lillie’s starter will be the one that has a type advantage over yours, a-la classic rival style.
Her parties include Starter, Alolan Vulpix, Zeraora, (Wishiwashi/Bounsweet/Salandit), an Ultra Beast and Nebby.
More Pokemon Available
Zeraora, Marshadow, UBs and many other NEW POKEMON such as Alolan Voltorb and Machamp are now available in the wild.
The mythicals now have similar stats to those of a regular Pokemon, making them not OP for regular playthrough.
All gen1-6 starters are now available at Route 1. While their second evos are available outside of Po Town.
Almost all regular Pokemon are available in the wild. And some of them, for example,
Combee, Cherubi and Wimpod, now have better movesets and stats. Oh, Cherubi is now a Grass/Fire type too.
If you’d like to know which Pokemon are changed added, changed, or completely removed, see list below:
New Pokemon:
Alolan Voltorb (Elec/Fire)
Alolan Electrode (Elec/Fire)
Alolan Machoke (Fighting/Dark)
Alolan Machamp (Fighting/Fire)
Harambe (Fighting/Ghost)
Ice Form Lycanroc (Ice)
Wariocorio (Poison/Flying)
Splatooneon (Poison)
Spookeon (Ghost)
UB-Solar (Fire/Steel)
Ultra Rowlet, Litten…Ultra Brionne (Same Typings)
Decidueye-X (Grass/Water)
Decidueye-Y (Grass/Flying)
Decidueye-Z (Grass/Fairy)
Decidueye-EX (Grass/Dark)
Decidueye-SP (Grass/Dragon)
Incineroar-X (Fire/Grass)
Incineroar-Y (Fire/Water)
Incineroar-Z (Fire/Flying)
Incineroar-EX (Fire/Ghost)
Incineroar-SP (Fire/Dragon)
Primarina-X (Water/Electric)
Primarina-Y (Water/Grass)
Primarina-Z (Water/Ice)
Primarina-EX (Water/Dark)
Primarina-SP (Water/Dragon)
UB-Queen (Psychic)
UB-Queen Ultra Forme (Dragon/Dark)
UB-Queen Ultra Totem Forme (Dragon/Dark)

Removed Pokemon:
Rattata 1, Raticate 1, Hoothoot, Noctowl, Ledyba, Ledian, Spinarak, Ariados, Chinchurn, Lanturn, Natu, Xatu, Aibom, Ambipom, Pineco, Forretress, Snubbul, Granbul, Remoraid, Octillery, Murkrow, Honchkrow, Delibird, Dunsparce, Corphish, Crawdaunt, Luvdisc, Trubish, Garbodor, Lilliepup, Herdier, Stoutland, Shellos 2, Gastrodon 2, Lycanroc 1, Jangmo-o, Ribombee Normal Size are replaced with the ”’new”’ Pokemon / for cutscene purposes.

Swapped / Replaced Pokemon:
Shellos and Gastrodon are swapped with Voltorbs and Electrodes.
Rattata 2 and Raticate 2 are replaced into Rattata 1 and Raticate 1 slots for cutscene purposes.
Nihilego and Araquanid are swapped for Totem size / cutscene purposes.
Xurkitee and Togedemaru are swapped for Totem size / cutscene purposes.
Kartana and Lurantis are swapped for Totem size / cutscene purposes.
Kommo-o now replaces Jangmo-o for cutscene purposes.
Necrozma now replaces Kommo-o for Totem size / cutscene purposes.
Lunala replaces Cosmoem for cutscene purposes.
Solgaleo replaces Murkrow forcutscene purposes.
Necrozma-Lunala and Necrozma-Solgaleo now replaces regular Lunala and Solgaleo for story and cutscene purposes.

Stat/Type Changes:
Farfetch’d now has better stats and movesets.
Alolan Muk now learns Swallow at Level 50 for evolution purposes.
Combee and Vespiqueen now have improved stats and movesets.
Cherrim’s typing is changed into Grass/Fire. Her sunshine form is now her default form. Now has improved stats and movesets.
Oranguru’s speed is improved.
Wimpod now has better movesets like a proper Bug-type.
Poipole now learns Dragon Pulse at Level 40.
Necrozma’s typing is changed into Dragon/Psychic. Regular Necrozma can use Guardian of Alola, while Totem Necrozma can use Light that Burns the Sky.
Latios, Entei, Meloetta, Zeraora and Marshadow have reduced stats due to their availability during regular playthrough.
All UBs except for Lunalas, Solgaleos, Necrozmas, Poipole and Naganadel now have reduced stats due to their core involvement in the game.

Other Notable Changes:
Phione can be captured in the wild.
Various Alola Pokemon have their movesets improved.
More Pokemon learn Fire Lash.

Ultra Evolutions:
By recreating the extreme condition in the Ultra Spaces, you can force certain Pokemon to evolve into Ultra Beasts!
These requirements are gradually informed to you as you progress through the mod, mostly by Gladion.
These Pokemon have their unique regular abilities while having Beast Boost as their HA.
Only Totem Beasts, Poipole and Naganadel still have Beast Boost as their regular abilities.

Nihilego = Tentacool + A Pokemon with Drought in your party
Ability: Protean / Limber

Buzzwole = Cutiefly + Work Up
Ability: Vital Spirit / Sheer Force

Pheromosa = Wimpod + Brick Break
Ability: Speed Boost / Emergency Exit

Xurkitree = Sudowoodo + Blush Mountain
Ability: Motor Drive / Reckless

Kartana = Fomantis + Smart Strike
Ability: Infiltrator / Hyper Cutter

Celesteela = Alolan Diglett + Flame Charge
Ability: Heatproof / Flare Boost

Guzzlord = Alolan Muk + Swallow (learnt naturally at level 50)
Ability: Gluttony / Thick Fat

Blacephalon = Alolan Electrode + Mimikyu in party
Ability: Flame Body / Aftermath

Stakataka = Magneton + Magneton
Ability: Sturdy / Analytic
Also, all Pokemons who require trades or held items to evolve now evolve mostly via level ups!
Also Carbink can now evolve into Diancie.

Ultra Starter:
Feeding an Ultra Malasada to your starter will evolve it into its Ultra Form, which has different stat spreads, movesets and abilities.
Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina have FIVE different Ultra Forms each, which can be accesed by levelling up
while holding an Ultra Malasada or Beast Ball during daytime and nighttime.
You can simply change it back into its regular form by feeding it another Ultra Malasada.

Lilie Valley Sugo:
Pikachu Valley? How about Lilliechan Valley? Sugoi onee-chan!
Check the trailer and see if you can find the rare Lollie-chan!

Brand new trainers:
Many new trainers join the fight!
Kunoichi – A ninja class trainer
Kartenvoy – The guy from Ultra Forest
Spooky girl – Acerola with Emoji overdose
Shadow boy – A shadow trainer
Super Saiyan – Lysandre with yellow / red / blue hair and orange gi
Ultra Instinct – Lysandre with black hair and orange gi
Scratch Cat Girl – Elio/Selene’s mom who returns to Alola to spread her cat facts
Captain David – Steel-type expert who is a good friend of Kiawe
Captain Raika – Ryuki’s sister who is also from a faraway region. A Zeraora expert.
Aether Wicke – The Pokemon Professor this time
Kahuna Moon – A kahuna from an alternate Alola. Title Defense only.

Most trainers who used to have one Pokemon now have two. TWO! Wow!
Route Leaders are now replaced with Cynthia, who has different niche at each route.
Captains, Kahunas, and Elite Fours now have Ultra Beasts.​

Four New trials:
Totem Pokemon are now replaced with Totem Beasts – Ultra-sized Ultra Beasts!
And so Alola needs Ultra Captains for these TBs.

Bug Captain Guzma (Pheromosa), Poison Captain Plumeria (Nihilego),
Steel Captain David (Celesteela) and Electric Captain Raika (Xurkitree)
await your challenge!

New Pokemon Gyms:
Two of the eight Alola gyms are ready for you to challenge.
Kahili Gym in Malie and Skull Gym in Po Town!

New Festive PMC:
The Pokemon Center is livelier than ever with the cute Poipole selling stuff
and the Skull grunt spouting mixtapes at the all new Skull Cafe.

Uber Ride
The infamous Kukui Uber Ride makes an upgrade in this mod!
Professor Kukui now integrates the all new Uber Ride in Alola. As silly as it sounds,
the Ultra Recon Captain Phyco seems really interested with the idea…

Uber Rides are listed below:
Tauros -> Kukui
Stoutland -> Hala
Lapras -> Lana
Charizard -> Celesteela
Mudsdale -> Spinda
Sharpedo -> Guzma
Machamp -> Charizard

Some of ’em just look janky, might replace them in the future.

Lusamine and Nihilego
Lillie managed to put Lusamine in Bill’s seperation machine in Kanto.
Lusamine and Nihilego were seperated, but not in the way she expected.
Lusamine now only has a portion of her body – she is now a Mini Lusamine!
And apparently suffers from amnesia…
Nihilego now has Lusamine’s body, contained at the Aether Paradise.

Travel with Lillie and help recover Lusamine to her old self!
Meanwhile, Nihilego might have a plan of her own…

Ultra Recon Squad
Ultra Recon Squad now serves as villains, replacing Team Skull for most of the parts.
Their mission is to capture all the Ultra Beasts that have been released into Alola.

Regular Dulse and Soliera are the grunts.
Commander Soliera – Leads the Sol squad. Bashful. New Fire-type Expert.
Commander Dulse – Leads the Luna squad. Calm and collected. Ice-type Expert.
Commander Zossie – The cheery commander who just dilly dallies around. UB expert.
Captain Phyco – A strict captain who would do anything to achieve his goal. Furfrou + UB expert.

Necrozma’s Ruins of Light
In this mod, Necrozma is the first island guardian – the Guardian of Light.
As an evil approaches, the fate of the world lies in the hands of Nebby and Lusamine’s Solgaleo.
You must travel to a secret Ultra Space – Ruins of Light, and go through Necrozma’s trial.
Use Necrozma’s light to power up your Nebby and Solgaleo!

Uncover Their Secrets…
As you progress through the game, you’ll meet a peculiar duo who are trying to figure out their true origins.
They call themselves Fallers, and you agree to help their cause.
In return, Looker will give you Totem Pokemon/Beast at Heahea Beach.
Meanwhile, Anabel will trade some Legendary Pokemon at certain locations.

Stop the Ultra Recon Squad and figure out their true identities!

Elite Four and Title Defense
A lot of them have been modified. E4 levels remain unchanged. Some Title Defense Pokemon have different level Spoilers below:
Elite Four
Molayne -> Hau (Dragon Type)
Olivia’s team now includes Stakataka.
Acerola -> Nanu (Dark Type)
Kahili -> Guzma (Bug Type)

Title Defense
Hau -> Lillie
Ryuki -> Ilima (Normal Type)
Kukui -> Wicke (Kanto theme)
Guzma -> Dulse (Ice type)
Plumeria -> Captain Raika (Electric type)
Sophocles -> Zossie (UB theme)
Lusamine -> Kahuna Moon (Lvl 100 Trendy Sun and Moon team)

Pokemon Star decrypted Citra

Wild Pokemon Location – Pokemon Star
Evolution List – Pokemon Star
Pokemon Stats – Pokemon Star
Movesets – Pokemon Star
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