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Pokemon Fantasia – Pokemon GO GBA

Pokemon Fantasia
Name: Pokemon Fantasia
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red version
Remake by: 旅 団 .Markuzz Kaizuka
Credit – Source: https://wahackforo(.)com/t-53117/pokemon-fantasia
The game will be based on the real world, it will be a boy named Blake who is obsessed with Pokémon games and dreams that one day he can enter the Pokémon world and his dream is fulfilled when he learns that a new game Pokémon GO combines the real world with fantasy, in the whole story you try to stay in the ranking of the 10 best to play the league tournament while you must pass your exams so that your parents leave you alone and do not punish you.

Of course, this is very brief but one could say that it encompasses the whole plot, it is a boy who must fulfill his obligations of daily life to be able to live in his fantasy.


* GO Mode (With this you can play Pokémon Go from the view of the player
in which to activate this function, merges reality and fantasy from your phone allowing you to see the Pokémon)

* System of Days: Every day has certain objectives and when you meet them you can go to sleep.

* Remove the help system.

* Remove the “previously” (What showed us that had been done before saving).

* Forgettable MOs.

* The Pokémon are born at level 1.

Pokemon Fantasia

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