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Pokemon Re_Imagined

Pokemon Re_Imagined
Nimi: Pokemon Re_Imagined
Created by: sharzin
Source: Click here!
sharzin’s youtube channel: youtube.com/channel/UCzu7etRQgtNkCiZNLc3CLjA
its a fan made totally re-imagined sequel to gen 1 and 2 pokemon games where nothing makes any canon sense (well a lot of things do but a lot of other things dont).after getting defeated by ethan red returns to society and gives away all his pokemons to important trainers and professor oak. after a while red and his friends hear that a new region named nizrash suddenly appeared out of nowhere and is now accepting challengers for its pokemon league. when everything is under the peaceful rule of a god like being called sharzin. but things get weird when a multi-dimensional hero called vincent blade is looking for a hooded unstoppable figure called
shinzarx a destructive and demonic god-like criminal who wants to re-arrange the world using legendary pokemons to make a world made of suffer and darkness… well why not see the rest of it yourself?

-(crappy attempts at making) original gym leaders.
-(a totally awesome and good looking) new region.
– familiar faces from kanto – sinnoh – unova and…
– training with other regions’ gym leaders and elite fours
-luka s.j’s elite battle system
-mega pokemons
-gen 6 pokemons (work in progress)
– humor and references … a LOT
– an organization xiii themed villain (what else is there to want?)
– a white haired supernatural multi-dimensional hero in a black leather jacket (how could this get any more badass?)
-speak with every npc. you wont get disappointed ( also do this with every tv and console)
-a lot of other cool stuff.

Pokemon Re_Imagined

Download Pokemon Re_Imagined Demo (Upto 5th Gym)

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